Type: Demon
Japanese Attacks: Darkness Claw, Death the Cannon

“As a warrior brought back from the dead, I will avenge the wrongdoings of my past life!”

An angel of redemption, Beelzebumon rose from the corpse of one of Xros Heart’s most dangerous enemies to become one of their closest friends.

Ba’almon was raised as one of the Warriors of the Goddess, a celestial being who protected the Sand Zone and blessed those of her subjects who were worthy enough represent her on the battlefield. Striving to surpass his mentor, Angemon, Ba’almon was unable to achieve warrior status due to his reliance on his own power and struggled in vain, watching with envy as his fellow warriors found themselves blessed by the Goddess. This pattern repeated itself until that fateful day when Lilithmon, Head Officer of the Bagra Army, sent her servant Ebemon to bring down the warriors. Using his mind control abilities, Ebemon turned the warriors against each other. Ba’almon, who had been away from the temple at the time, returned to find those he had considered allies try to kill him. Fighting with unsuppressed vigour, he killed his former companions including Angemon leaving him as the sole remaining warrior. Kneeling before the state of the goddess, Ba’almon was still unworthy of receiving her light. Filled with a desire for vengeance Ba’almon joined the Bagra Army as a reaper, hoping to discover the perpetrator and bring them to justice.

Ba’almon had no such luck with his mission, despite spying on several meetings between the Head Officers and Bagramon, until he travelled to the Lake Zone to assist Lilithmon with her conquest. Pretending to be smitten with his commander, he observed as she took control of Akari and manipulated the girl to bring her the Code Crown. Following Lilithmon further, having been tasked with the assassination of Taiki, Ba’almon clashed with Xros Heart in the Sand Zone and unknowingly awoke a statue of the goddess. During the conflict, Ba’almon and Taiki fell into an abyss and discovered that Taiki was worthy of the goddess, having been blessed by her light. Ba’almon and Taiki journeyed together through the fallen kingdom Ba’almon had once inhabited before discovering Xros Heart on the surface, corrupted by Ebemon. Believing death to be the only respite for such a condition, Ba’almon attempts to kill Xros Heart until it becomes apparent that both Lilithmon and Ebemon are behind their mindless state. Weakening Ebemon to allow Xros Heart to regroup, Ba’almon finds himself at the end of Lilithmon’s nazar nail and falls, mortally wounded.

Unwilling to allow his new found friend die, Taiki uses the power of the Sand Zone’s code crown to transform the zone into a temple that will allow the power of the goddess to revive Ba’almon. As the battle below the temple raged, Ba’almon discovered the power of friendship and through an epiphany discovered the true meaning of being a warrior of the goddess. Wearing the mask of his deity, he takes a mortal blow meant for ShoutmonX4K and finally succumbs to his wounds. Despite his death, his time had not come. The power of the goddess flowing through him, Ba’almon reincarnated into Beelzebumon and aided ShoutmonX4K in defeating HiMugendramon before disappearing into the sky, leaving behind only a black feather, which would soon become the signature of his return.

Returning to Taiki’s side in Heaven Zone, Beelzebumon became his guardian angel, appearing when Taiki needed him most. Combining with ShoutmonX4 to become ShoutmonX4B, the horseman of death, Beelzebumon helped Taiki to fight SlashAngemon, Lucemon (FalldownMode), and finally Tactimon before retiring from their adventures while Xros Heart rescued Nene from DarkKnightmon and saved the Shinobi Zone from the tyranny of Musyamon. Beelzebumon made his triumphant return to save Taiki from a fragment of Blastmon’s body that had followed him from the Disc Zone and became a core unit in one Shoutmon’s most powerful DigiXroses, ShoutmonX5B. The winged horseman of death, ShoutmonX5B was able to defeat Blastmon of the Head Officers and caused Tactimon to retreat during the crucial encounter in the Sword Zone. Following Taiki’s return to the human world, Beelzebumon was captured with the rest of Xros Heart and held in suspended animation by the fire fury, Dorbickmon.

Rescued by Taiki upon his return to the Digital World, Beelzebumon once more proved his dedication and loyalty to his chosen ward as he assisted in battles with NeoVamdemon, Gattai Lilithmon, and Olegmon. It was in the Hells Field, however, that Beelzebumon stood out as Taiki’s most stalwart guardian. Defending the frontline alongside Mervamon and ShoutmonX5, Beelzebumon clashed with Gattai Lilithmon in a battle royale, determined to finally carry out his revenge. Fighting alongside Mervamon, the two began to develop a relationship which the latter thought to be over when Beelzebumon supposedly sacrificed himself in order to bring Gattai Lilithmon down. Much to Mervamon’s joy, Beelzebumon had survived the encounter yet was mortally wounded. As the Hells Field began to crumble under the pressure placed upon it by a final Digixros between Lilithmon and Blastmon, Beelzebumon fought once more, despite his injuries, and sought to bring his arch nemesis to justice. As the Hells Field reached the climax of its implosion, Beelzebumon, knowing his own end was near, chose to die in combat with Lilithmon, and flew into the maw of madness as his friends watched with crushed hearts and dreams. The fallen angel had finally fallen.

Death in the Digital World is not the end. In the final battle with Darkness Bagramon, the code crown brought him back to life once more to retake his mantle as Taiki’s guardian angel. Along with a recently resurrected Shoutmon, Beelzebumon rescued his charge from Bagramon’s spirit’s clutches and reunited with Mervamon on the battlefield. Together with every other Digimon in existence, Beelzebumon lent his power to Shoutmon as part of the Final Xros to become ShoutmonX7 Superior Mode and put an end to Darkness Bagramon’s madness.

Beelzebumon has always been at Taiki’s side, whether this has been physically or spiritually. A demon lord saved by the bonds of friendship, his aim was always steady and true while his heart was full of light, despite his origins of darkness.

DigiXros List:
Beelzebumon + ShoutmonX4 = ShoutmonX4B
Beelzebumon + ShoutmonX5 = ShoutmonX5B
Beelzebumon + Starmons = Beelzebumon + Meteor Cannon
Beelzebumon + Revolvmon = Beelzebumon + Spiral Cannon

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