Japanese Name: Kudou Taiki
Partner: Shoutmon

"I can't leave them alone!"

Taiki is the main protagonist of Digimon Xros Wars. He is the General of the army Xros Heart and leads them to restore the Digital World by defeating the Bagura Army.

A young man of 13 years, he is a child prodigy, though he is not fully aware of this himself. Prior to the beginning of the story, Taiki saw a child from his class who looked like he was hurt, however, after being pushed away, did not pursue the problem any further. That was a mistake as he later learned that the child had a head injury and was hospitalized. Taiki decided from then on that he would push himself to help others in need that could not help themselves. Due to this, he would join many clubs and become a very talented sports player. However, this talent would be an even greater asset then he knows...

Taiki's adventure begins on an average day with his childhood friend Akari Hinomoto and his "rival" (albeit, one-sided) Zenjirou Tsurugi. Mysteriously, he hears the voice of someone claiming that he is dying. Suddenly, the city goes haywire with cars sticking out of buildings and the sky echoing with digital patterns. In this chaos, Taiki is almost crushed by a car, but the mysterious voice saves him by telling him to jump. He finds the voice, a fading mass of data shaped like a monster, and forms an instant bond with it. Taiki then hears another voice telling him to save the data with the Digivice known as the D-Xrosloader and upon taking it, Taiki is thrust into the Digital World, accidentally bringing Akari and Zenjirou along for the ride. He is thrust into a battle with the evil Bagura Army general MadLeomon but is saved by more monsters known as Digimon. Taiki, upon releasing the red data, learns that it's name is Shoutmon. He also realizes that the Xrosloader can preform the legendary "DigiXros" that can unite Digimon together place them into one form. With this, he beats MadLeomon. After learning of Shoutmon's ideals to become King so that the Digital World will be at peace and so that his village won't be destroyed, Taiki accepts the role of General of Xros Heart and decides to fight with them.

Compared to previous leaders of the animated series', Taiki is somewhat different. He is very intelligent, able to understand a situation that could be advantageous and disadvantageous for his friends. His kind nature and belief in his friends is what drives Xros Heart on to fight. While he may clash with Shoutmon on various things, the two of them have a clear partnership and absolute trust in each other. Taiki does have a fault though. His drive to "not leave them alone" gets him into dangerous situations from time to time even pushing his body past it's limits so that he can help those in need.

While Taiki is important to many of the main cast, he shares important bonds with Akari, Zenjirou and Shoutmon. Akari is essentially, Taiki's foundation. While she doesn't do much directly, she is basically the reason that Taiki believes he can keep fighting. Zenjirou did not like Taiki at first, but eventually grows to be almost like his second-in-command. Taking charge of the army when Taiki is unable to and being, in a sense, Taiki's voice of reason. Shoutmon is Taiki's main partner. The two of them bring Xros Heart together and as such, have a powerful level of respect for each other. Sometimes Shoutmon cannot fully understand Taiki's ideals but they work their issues out in the end to lead to victory.

Now, will Taiki save the Digital World or lead to it's destruction? The adventure continues....
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