Japanese Name: Amano Nene
Partner: Sparrowmon

“Why don’t I explain everything to you, Taiki-kun?”

Nene is the third human general in the Digital World and commands the Twilight army. Described as beautiful and mysterious, Nene has rarely given answers without creating more questions.

First appearing to Xros Heart after the defeat of MadLeomon, she explains to Taiki the nature of the Code Crown and tells him that whoever gathers all of the Code Crowns can change the Digital World into anything they desire. Nene’s mysterious nature has a sinister aura surrounding it and her in depth knowledge of the Digital World is still left unexplained, yet could be attributed to her having been a general longer than Taiki.

Nene has shown a form of affection those she calls, “strong boys”, and uses her Monitamon trio to perform reconnaissance duty on Xros Heart, Blue Flare and the Bagura army, gathering data that will allow her to achieve her goals. To the horror of Zenjirou Tsurugi, a member of Xros Heart who has a crush on Nene, she has yet to notice him, preferring to observe Taiki and Kiriha, her Monitamon never far from a decisive battle. Nene has shown no definitive allegiance, having helped all of the other armies in some manner, yet has displayed aggression towards the Bagura army, working against them alongside Kiriha in both the Sand and Forest Zones.

The Nene of the present day is shown as harsh, and her actions could be seen as cold and calculated. Yet, we have reason to believe she was not always like this. In one of Sparrowmon’s flashbacks we are shown a Nene who shows compassion and is unafraid of showing emotion, a Nene who appreciates the friendship of her main partner Sparrowmon. While unconfirmed, the influence of the noble DarkKnightmon is likely responsible for her change in personality as he manipulates her to achieve his own goals.

Little is known of Nene’s life outside of the Digital World and we have been given no information to hint towards one. As mentioned previously, Nene has a strong bond with Sparrowmon and has inspired enough respect from her Monitamon for them to defend her even in the face of impossible odds. Her relationship with DarkKnightmon is only there because her brother, Yuu has some involvement with the Digital World. The exact nature of this is currently unknown.

Nene has recently been taken in by Xros Heart with Sparrowmon.
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