Digimon Analyser Season 5

Falcomon a child level Digimon with sturdy wings that let it glide through the heavens. It's special attacks are Scrach Smash and Shuririken. It acts like a Ninja

Garudamon a perfect level Digimon with wings that allow it to breeze through the lands, and mighty hooked claws. It's special attack is Shadow Wing. It chops up the enemy with a hollow blade.

Garurumon Black (No Data)

Gawappamon. A cheerful Adult Level Digimon. His special technique is to shoot high speed spinning discs from his head, DJ Shooter.

Gizmon:AT An Adult Level. Nothing else is known about it beyond its name.

Gizmon:XT A Perfect Level Digimon that has evolved through pseudo-evolution using an artificial Digisoul. Its real entity is shrouded in mystery.

Gotsumon a child level Digimon who's body is as hard as jewels. It's special attack is angry rock. It can shoot out rocks from its head.

Hagurumon. A Child Level Digimon shaped like a gear. Its attack is Darkness Gear. It is accompanied by black gears, which it can manipulate very well.

Igamon. An Adult Level Digimon who specializes in moving stealthily! He leads the enemy astray with his talented ninja techniques!

Insekimon. The Perfect Level Digimon that evolves from Gotsumon. His special attack is Cosmo Flash. With his hands, he shoots down energy he collects from the universe.

Keramon. It's a Child Level Digimon that consumes a massive amount of data with its large mouth. Its special attack is Crazy Giggle. It can shoot a destructive ball of light from its mouth.

KnightChessmon. Adult Level Digimon with huge darts. Galloping like a centaur, they can confuse the enemy!

Kuramon a Baby II level Digimon it propagates bacteria within computer networks.

Juriemon a perfect level Digimon that sends out a mist showing illusions. He grabs an opponent with his ivy and eats them for his own nourishment

Lilamon. A Perfect Level Digimon, who looks like a lilac flower. Her killing technique is Lilac Shower and Un Deux Pollen. With a lively dance, her flower pollen bewitches the enemy.

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