Digimon Analyser Dub Season 5

(Ravemon) Ah it feels good to spread my mega level wings. My black wing conceals me while my white wing slices though my enemies. I've got more attacks than all my other levels combigned ~ Ravemon

(Ravemon Burst Mode) Keenan we did it the Burst Mode with new powerful attacks like Mourning Dance i can now reach the very limits of my Power. ~ Ravemon Burst Mode

RizeGreymon. An Ultimate Level Digimon with lightning fast speed. His special attack mode is the Trident Revolver. ~ Megumi

RookChessmon is the Dark PawnChessmon's Ultimate level. He has a castle wall defense and his first move is Rook Gatling ~ Miki

Rosemon ~No Analyser~

(Rosemon Burst Mode) And we've pushed past the mega level as well Yoshi. By accessing my special attack modes like Kiss of Breath and Charité nothing can stop us now ~ Rosemon Burst Mode

After Kamemon comes out of his shell he becomes this Ultimate Level fierce warrior. Shawjamon washes away his opponents with his explosive Hydra-Descent attack. ~Yushima

ShineGreymon ~No Analyser~

Soulmon it's a champion level Ghost Digimon ~ Megumi

The Royal Knights, the highest rank security system in the Digital World. They guard King Drasil with their lives. Each one fighting for their own personal form of justice ~ Gotsumon

Togemon. A Champion Level cactus Digimon that uses boxing gloves to clobber his enemies. His Needle Spray makes him a sharp fighter ~ Thomas

And Tokomon ~ Yoshino

Tsumemon an In-Training Level Digimon that can destroy data with amazing speed. They move very quickly and are difficult to detect. ~ Thomas

It's Vilemon he feeds of people's anger and greed until they are completely under his control. He makes his targets thik they have special powers so their greed keeps feeding his hunger forever ~ Marcus

Yanmamon a champion level digimon who's wings allow him to strike from above without warning using his knife like talons. ~ Yoshino or Megumi?

That's Yokomon ~ Yoshino

And that last one is YukimiBotamon ~ Yoshino

Zudomon an Ultimate level Digimon who has muscles of steel. His vulcan's Hammer is made from Chrome Digizoid, the strongest metal found on either world. ~ Thomas.

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