Digimon Frontier Episode 50
Dub Name: End of the Line
Japanese Name: Go Beyond Time! The Beginning of the New Legend

Lucemon Satan Mode let out a huge firery attack the blew the DD back down into the Trailmon station. He then continues on his way to the surface leaving the DD to pull themselves together. Bokomon and the others finally arrive and see the DD hurt and that they’re back to themselves.. Meanwhile, electronics and anything powered by electricity goes haywire. Lucemon SM finally makes it to the surface, and sends the elevator thing crashing down the hole. Takuya goes to Evolve again when Koji stops him and reminds him that Lucemon SM is invulnerable. Takuya can’t forget that and remembers what happened when they all attacked Lucemon SM, who kept healing himself. Takuya starts to doubt that they can win and talks about how the real world is going to end up like the Digital World. Just when hope is lost, Takuya’s D-tector glows after his tear hits it and Agunimon comes out and starts to talk to Takuya. Agunimon tells Takuya that he never thought he was a quitter and gives Takuya the strength to keep going. Then everyone’s Human Spirits come out and make the DD confident that they can do it, that they can win. Everyone shakes hands with their Spirits, who then say that all the Spirits of the Ten Legendary Warriors are behind them 100%. The other Spirits appear next to them, including Loweemon. Then holograms of the 3 Great Angles appear above Patamon, Salmon, and Lopmon. They all look at the DD and tell them that if they keep trying and never lose hope, they will win. The DD hold out there hands and fractle code appears(kinda like if they were getting ready to Spirit Evolve). After scanning, there all in a circle and a bright light surrounds them. They all fuse together with the 10 Spirits and become Susanoomon. Susanoomon leaps up into the hole and heads for the surface. A crowd of people form as they see Lucemon SM rise out of the huge hole. Just as he’s about to get out, Susanoomon comes up, grabs him, and starts to pull him back down.

Once under Lucemon SM breaks free and uses the same firery attack at Susanoomon, who keeps dodging. The DD are seen inside Susanoomon, with a bright light surrounding each one. They’re all in a circle, rotating around, discussing about Lucemon SM’s weakness and relies that maybe there’s more to him than meets the eye. Susanoomon dodges more purple pink fire attacks and attack the dark matter sphere in Lucemon SM’s hands. They then see something in the middle of it, which is Lucemon’s Larva Form, and question themselves if that’s the true form. The eyes on the Larva glow red and Susanoomon is thrown into the side of the wall and falls back down to the Trailmon Station, leaving Bokomon and Neemon the question of if they failed again. Lucemon SM then fires another attack down the hole and it hits, filling the whole room with fire and throwing Bokomon, Neemon, Patamon, Salmon, and Lopmon into the air. A strange bubble like sphere protects them and they float watching the battle. Lucemon SM stomps a his foot on Susanoomon, and the Larva says they won’t step in his way of his new Utopia. Lucemon’s Larva then makes Lucemon SM do a huge attack that’s light engulfs everyone. The bubble carrying Bokomon and the others floats back into the Digital World Space area. They see the bright light cover everything(which I guess means Lucemon started to make the Dark Digital World and the New Human World). The DD inside Susanoomon know that they have to do something. Takuya tells them to trust him and then Susanoomon jumps into the dark matter sphere. Lucemon’s Larva tells them they can’t stop him and starts to attack Susanoomon, who evades after acouple attacks and punches Lucemon’s Larva so hard that the dark sphere brakes, the light that engulfed everything shrank, and Lucemon SM starts to go crazy. Bokomon says it’s cause there’s no one controlling him now. Susanoomon throws his hands in the air and clouds appear above Lucemon SM. They start to twirl around(kinda how like how a toilet flushes) and the Susanoomon releases a bright light from him that goes to the middle of the swirl. The light brakes up, once through, into several beams that come back down through the clouds and Susanoomon shouts, “Heaven’s Thunder!” Lucemon SM tries to stop the beams from hitting him, but it’s not use. They trap and hold him down while the same weapon that got Lucemon Fall Down Mode (aka/dubbed Chaos Mode) appears in Susanoomon’s hands. Susanoomon then uses the Celestial Flame attack against Lucemon SM and after slicing through him, Data come pouring out as Lucemon SM crys in pain.

Bokomon and the others cheer on, but Patamon then sees something going after Susanoomon. Seems like Lucemon’s Larva Forms not done just yet. Susanoomon turns around and throws the kids out of him. Lucemon’s Larva attacks the front and shouts that he’ll take Susanoomon along with him. Susanoomon says so be it and the huge cannon/weapon thing falls apart, leaving Susanoomon with a sword. Then all Ten Legendary Warriors appear and give a swipe at Lucemon’s Larva. After the attack, Lucemon’s Larva brakes and explodes into light, ending that chapter forever! The Ten Warriors then turn to the DD and thank them for coming. They said that they would have been lost without them. The DD thank they’re spirits as well. They all have a touching moment. The DD’s D-tectors make a noise and then all the Data that was collected streams over and starts rebuilding the Digital World, better than ever. Agunimon then notices the hole to the human world is closing, and throws Takuya towards it. The other Spirits do the same to their kid. Everybody says there teary good-byes, especially Bokomon. He promises that he will write a book about what happened and let all Digimon know about the DD and what they did for the Digital World. As the kids fly deeper into the hole, Koji hears his D-tector talking to him. He then see’s Loweemon on the screen. Loweemon tells Koji that Koichi is still alive. He can feel it cause of the bond between them. He tells Koji to go to him. The kids arrive at the same time and day they left at the train station.

Takuya then remembers about Koichi and tells the others to follow him. When they get to the spot that Kouich fell, he’s not there. Only a couple of people and two police people. Koji asks them to tell him where his brother is, they give them the place and the kids are off. Meanwhile, Doctors are looking at Koichi. His eyes are dark and the doctors are charging him up to keep him alive. Koji and the others make it to the emergency room and burst through the doors. Koji goes to his brothers side and begs for him to come back.The kids D-tectors glow and a tear from Koji drops and hit Koichi on the forehead. Life is brought back to Koichi and he wakes up to see his brother, Koji, beside him.The two brothers hug as they are reunited and every ones D-tectors turn back into phones. Later, Takuya gets to enjoy his brothers Birthday party, Zoe is surrounded by other girls who love her now, and JP doesn’t have to worry about walking in the rain alone cause now he has friends that will offer him an umbrella. Koji finally shows love towards his new step Mom, and later meets his real Mom, which makes Koichi very happy cause he wants to bring the family together. Tommy, what a friend magnet he is now, he never has to worry about being afraid anymore. No matter what all of them are doing, or where they go in the future, they will always remain best friends with each other. Thus bringing Frontier and for what seems to be the TV Series’ of Digimon to an end.
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