Digimon Frontier Episode 49
Dub Name: Lucemon the Loose
Japanese Name: Fight, Susanoomon! Lucemon Reachers the Human World!

Koji, Takuya, and all of the Spirits become one to form Susanoomon. Lucemon Fall Down Mode(aka/dubbed Chaos Mode) gives Susanoomon the same offer as before, to live if they serve him, but Susanoomon refuses so the battle begins. Lucemon FM uses his Paradise Lost Punch attack, but was stopped, just as the final attack was about to be made, by Susanoomon. Lucemon FM's Paradise Lost Punch won't work one them anymore. Lucemon FM grows angry and uses another attack that seems to work. Susanoomon falls to the ground and Lucemon FM goes to use that Light and Dark attack he used on all the DD. Susanoomon gets trapped in it and his power starts to be broken down. You see Koji and Takuya fighting to stay together. Koji is remembering what Koichi said before he left. Takuya asks him self if it's still possible to save the Digital World and then realizes that they have to find a way. Susanoomon disappears, or so they think. Koji and Takuya appear above everyone, with all the Spirits surrounding them. They then once again fuse together to become Susanoomon. Susanoomon then makes a huge cannon/weapon thing appear infront of him and shouts, "Celestial Flame!". A bright golden light shoots out of it and kinda looks like an extention of a sword. It grows longer and longer until it shoots out of the Dark Area. Susanoomon then slices it and it cuts through the Dark Area and Lucemon FM, who then has large amounts of fractual code around him. Susanoomon then says his evil must be destroyed and then takes his fractle code.

A Digiegg appears and floats away into the air and then bursts, showering all over the Dark Area, which then starts to disappears and Susanoomon separates back into Koji and Takuya and the Spirits go back to their owners. Just when they thought all was well, it wasn't. A strange dark hole, kinda shaped like a Digiegg, starts to grow. Tommy says that Lucemon was purified so how can that be. Bokomon says they must have only taken the Light side of him, leaving nothing but evil and Darkness. The a huge Digimon appears holding a huge mass of Darkness rolled up in a ball. It lets out a roar and then starts to head towards the gate to the human world. Takuya and Koji Fusion Evolve while the others Spirit Evolve. They all chase after the huge Digimon, which is Lucemon Satan Mode. Lucemon SM tears through the Data streams heading towards the human world like tissue paper. The DD try to keep up as fast as they can go. They all start to make promises to others and themselves. Meanwhile, the Trailmon station that all the kids went to, to go to the Digital World starts to crack and brake. The elevator leading down crashes and brakes as Lucemon SM surfaces. He lets out another roar and flashes of Data streams appear on all solids(walls, ground, exc...) and then vanishes after covering the whole city. Dark clouds start to form over the city. Peoples cell phones, T.V. screens, exc... start to act funny and a message appears on them, "YOU MUST CHOOSE TO FOLLOW ME OR BE DESTROYED" The dark matter that Lucemon SM is holding starts to float to the top, bringing the huge evil Digimon with it. It starts to force it’s way through the ground and onto the surface of the city.

All electronic devices start to go haywire. the same message keeps popping up on computers and such. Meanwhile, the DD are still flying towards the gate when Lucemon SM still forces his way to the surface. The DD finally make it to the Trailmon station and in shock remembers when they first went on to the Trailmon. They go onto the trail of Lucemon SM and try to stop him from reaching the surface. Everytime they attack him he just heals himself. Lucemon SM then lets out a huge attack at them that blows the DD back down into the Trailmon station.
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