Digimon Frontier Episode 48
Dub Name: The Brothers Yin and Yang
Japanese Name: Light and Darkness are One! Kouichi's Last Wish

The yellow moon explodes causing the other moons to go with it, leaving behind pieces of the 3 moons everywhere along with some Digieggs. Lucemon Fall Down Mode(aka/dubbed Chaos Mode) flys off toward the darkness that was once the Digital World, or at least what remains of it except for Trailmon tracks. The DD get up and see that they are on a floating piece of the yellow moon. They then see Patamon, Lopmon, and Salmon coming towards them with Koji and Takuya in some kind of force field thingy that the 3 Digimon made. Meanwhile, Lucemon FM appears in the middle of the Darkness where a huge dark liquid like ball is. He then says where he brings Chaos, he brings Order. The liquid like ball then starts to do something. Back on the piece of moon. Koji and Koichi have another brotherly moment and talk about their Mom. Koji then asks Koichi what's been bothering him. Tommy asks Bokomon how the Legendary Warriors sealed up Lucemon, but Bokomon knows little about it. Patamon says light and dark, and then Salmon says that that's the solution. Light and Dark must come together for it to work. The DD say if figures that Koji and Koichi would be the answer to all of it. They wonder what the two brothers are talking about. Bokomon ends up spilling the beans about what Crusadermon said to Koichi. Tommy then reminds them about how Koichi didn't remember how he got to the Digital World. They start to feel sorry for him. Lucemon makes the dark liquidy matter form a gateway to the human world. The DD see it and know that it's not good news.

Takuya asks if Patamon, Salmon, and Lopmon if they can get them to the dark area. Koichi then makes Koji promise to see their Mom after Koji gets back to the human world. Koji starts to wonder about it. Patamon, Salmon, and Lopmon slowly start to move the piece of moon towards the dark area. Three streams of Data form the gateway and Takuya and the others relies that the place they see in the gate is their home/city. People in the city start to have problems with phones and T.V. screens. Bokomon says it's impossible for Digimon do that. He starts to look in his book, but it's all blank. Then he finds something and reads that if Digimon are aloud in the human world, they will cause chaos and eventually distruction of the world. Everyone Spirit Evolves except for Takuya and Koji, who Fusion Evolve. They show up and prepare to fight Lucemon FM, who easily defeats them. He sends Loweemon up into the air, then starts his main attack at the others. He throws down the power of light and dark at them. It traps the DD in a weird round thing and it causes them to turn back into their human forms. Loweemon watches as this happens and as Lucemon FM goes to do another one at them(which will kill them), Loweemon stops the Dark ball from hitting the Light ball that has already hit them. Instead of all of them getting trapped in the round Dedigivolution sphere, Loweemon gets trapped instead. Loweemon then says he knows why he came to the Digital World. He says that Lucemon FM is not the only one who can bring light and dark together. Koichi then appears and gives the Spirits of Darkness to Koji and then gets his fractual code taken by Lucemon FM. Koji falls in pain as he absorbs the Dark Spirits. Takuya gets fire mad and a weird firery sphere cover him and Koji. The others D-tectors start to glow and shoots a yellow beam at the firey sphere. Koji then lets loose both Dark and Light spirits. Then him and Takuya call for the Ancient Spirits to Unite! All of the Spirits then become one with Takuya and Koji combined aswell. Thus Susanoomon is born!
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