Digimon Frontier Episode 47
Dub Name: When Knights Fall
Japanese Name: The Royal Knights Fall - And then...!!"

The digidestined find themselves on the third moon of the Digital World. JP and Zoe think it is like heaven but Koji isn’t too thrilled. They all look up at the Digital World and find that it is in bad shape. They think it is all over and there is nothing they can do until Takuya tries to raise their spirits.The Royal Knights kneel before Lucemon. They want the key to the human world. Lucemon promised them the key if they destroyed the Digital World and revived him. Lucemon gets angry at them for doubting his honesty. He first wants them to destroy the digidestined. Crusadermon still doubts Lucemon but Dynasmon has no doubts. The Royal Knights beg for forgiveness and then head out to the moon to destroy the digidestined.

Zoe sees floating bubbles. Patamon and the digidestined rush to go see where they are coming from. They find baby digimon and their eggs. Salamon and Lopmon hatch from their eggs and start to play with Patamon. The digidestined reflect that after being reborn the three digimon forgave each other for their past confrontations. Takuya tells the others that they need to make sure that they all grow up to be friends. This causes all of them to look at the Digital World again. The babies shiver and run away as the Royal Knights fly towards the moon. Salamon asks if they are going to run or to stand up to them. Takuya thinks back to when he first discovered his destiny as a digimon and their trials of passing through the dark continent. He tells the others about the lessons they learned about evil. Takuya says that they will fight for what is right. He remembers when they had a choice to go back to Earth but they knew they had to stay and make a difference. The Royal Knights land on the moon. Takuya and Koji undergo their Unified Spirit Evolution to Emperor Greymon and Magna Garurumon.

Magna Garurumon fights Crusadermon while Emperor Greymon fights Dynasmon. Emperor Greymon and Magna Garurumon prove to be stronger than the Royal Knights and knock than down. Crusadermon regains herself and attacks again but Magna Garurumon is still too strong. Magna Garurumon manages to defeat Crusadermon causing Dynasmon to seek revenge for her defeat. Dynasmon goes to attack but Emperor Greymon counters and proves to be much more powerful and defeats him. He goes to purify Dynasmon when Lucemon arrives.

Lucemon attacks all four digimon and absorbs the Royal Knights data. The energy allows him to evolve into his more powerful Chaos Mode. Lucemon wants them all to be his slave because without him as ruler the whole world would be chaos. The digidestined reject him and Lucemon attacks. Emperor Greymon and Magna Garurumon attack Lucemon Chaos Mode but he just laughs it off. Emperor Greymon charges but Lucemon attacks with Paradise Lost Punch. Lucemon knocks Emperor Greymon high into the air and then pile drives him down into the ground. The moon shakes and Emperor Greymon devolves into Takuya. Lucemon starts to steal his data when Magna Garurumon charges him. Lucemon attacks him with Paradise Lost Punch and Magna Garurumon is Koji again. The moon splits into pieces and is destroyed.
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