Digimon Frontier Episode 46
Dub Name: To Make the World Go Away
Japanese Name: The Digital World Disappears!? The Dark Rule of Lucemon

The DD make their way towards Ophanimon's castle. The RKs talk to Lucemon about his soon revival. Crusadermon asks Lucemon if he'll still give them the key to the human world so they can feast on human Data. Lucemon reassures them and RK's are off. The DD gaze at the castle and Koichi starts to think about what Crusadermon said to him earlier about him having no real form. He then shakes it off when Koji asks him what's wrong. They make their way into the castle and see tons off books on shelves. Then Nefertimon asks if they are the warriors who are protecting the Digital World. Takuya tells her they are and Nefertimon tells them about how much she knows about them and tells them that she is the protector of the castle under lady Ophanimon. Zoe thinks that Nefertimon is like the librarian and may know where the key to the Data is. Nefertimon tells her that she doesn't know all the secrets to the castle. So the DD leave Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon to take the look out for the RKs while they go off to look for the key. Koji and Koichi pair up, Takuya and Zoe go off, and JP is left with Tommy. Koji and Koichi have their brotherly talk, while JP tries and calms Tommy down and tries to get him to forget about the RK's. Takuya and Zoe have they're talk about friends, which kinda gives a clue that maybe Takuya likes Zoe more than a friend and vise versa. They all get back together with sad news of nothing found. Takuya gives his, "Let's not give up" speech and it works. Koichi is still bothered by Crusadermons words when Bokomon asks him if he's still bothered by that. Koichi asks Bokomon not to tell the others about it and he agrees not to.

Meanwhile, the RK's are heading towards the castle themselves. Nefertimon senses the presence of them and as she tells the DD the RK's burst in. The DD give their spirits to Takuya and Koji and they Unify Evolve. The RK's tell them they already know where to find the Data, and they tell Nefertimon that she is the key. Nefertimon attacks the RK’s but her attacks are useless. She crashes down to the others and then asks EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon to destroy her to protect the remaining land. They refuse and tell her to leave the protecting to them, and then go off on an attack at the RK's. The battle seems to be equal in skill. Then where Lucemon is being kept a small light starts to glow. It then bursts out of the ground and hits EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, who go crashing down back into the castle and return to normal. Nefertimon gets snatched up by the RK's and gets her Data taken, leaving the land to go with her. The DD are left floating in shock that all the land in now gone. The Data is sent to Lucemon and once it is absorbed, Lucemon breaks free from his prison and rises to the surface. He tells the DD that they will now follow his orders and will now serve him as they were born to do. Takuya tells him that that's not going to happen and then asks him if he thinks the Digital World is some kind of toy to him. Lucemon says that that's exactly what it is to him. He tells them that he will create a new Digital World to serve him. Crusadermon reminds Lucemon about their deal about the key to the human world. Lucemon says that thinks must still be done and then blasts the kids into the air where Angler, the Trailmon, grabs them and rides away towards the moon.
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