Digimon Frontier Episode 45
Dub Name: All Aboard the Tag Team Express
Japanese Name: The Tactics of Perturbing the Data! Defend Akiba Market

The DD are back at the Autumn Leaf Fair place where Tommy met Datamon. They're preparing for the RK’s arrival for the Data. Takuya and the others are looking at a map of the Digital World. They see the two remaining areas left, one which is where they are and the other being Ophanimon’s castle. They get all the Digimon in the area on to Trailmons to leave for a safer place. JP is using a machine that moves sections of the Fair around so that all the Data is broken up. Tommy and Datamon plan to build a catapult to aid in the battle, with the help of some old friends, the Toucanmon. Everything is done and planned, Zoe tells everyone that all the Digimon are gone except for Datamon, Toucanmon, and Sepikmon, who is seeing a vision. He tells the DD that some brave Digimon are standing up at the RKs. The Digimon are: Zanbamon, Gryphonmon, Pteramon, GrandKuwagamon, and 3 Airdramon. Takuya and Koji go to help, cause they know that the7 brave Digimon will get creamed. So they Unify Evolve and head off towards the battle. Meanwhile, The 7 Digimon attack the RKs, putting up a pretty good fight but will still be defeated. Gryphonmon, Pteramon, and GrandKuwagamons attacks hit eachother, thanks to Crusadermon. Pteramon and Gryphomon turn into Digieggs while GrandKuwagamon still floats, but wounded. Crusadermon goes in for the kill and turns him into a Digiegg.

Dynasmon rids Zanbamon and the 3 Airdramon. Sepikmon tells this as he sees it to the DD. Zoe pushes Sepikmon onto the Trailmon and Patamon gives the go a head wave for the Trailmon to leave. Meanwhile, two more Airdramon are about to get the same fate as the other Digimon when EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon show up. The DD ready them selves for the on coming battle they'll have to face. The battle between good and evil goes all the way to the fair. The DD prepare the catapult for firing. They hit Cursadermon twice and the battle continues. Dynasmon and EmperorGreymon start fighting in the Fair. The DD try to hit Crusadermon again but she's moving to fast, while attacking MagnaGarurumon. So they plan on hitting Dynasmon instead but the snowball melted before hitting. EmperorGreymon breaks free from a hold of Dynasmon, thanks to him having the Element of Fire and burns Dynasmon good. The DD hit Crusadermon again and makes her shoot an attack at them by mistake. MagnaGarurumon jumps infront of the attack and everyone is blow over the side by the attack. Koichi opens his eyes to see that Zoe, Tommy, and JP have fractle rings around them again. He remembers the first time that happened when Dynasmon attacked them, causing them to go to the moon andeveryone was knocked out except for him. He wonders why he never gets hurt like that. Then Crusadermon tells him that in that World, Data comes from those with physical forms and he has no physical form. She says he is only a spirit. MagnaGarurumon attacks her and Koichi yells for her to tell him the truth.

Dynasmon sees the Data and goes to scan it but then realizes that it's only a piece of the whole thing. Crusadermon goes to help Dynasmon get the Data while the EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon try to stop them. Crusadermon keeps the two busy while Dynasmon slowly pieces all the Data together. EmperorGreymon tries with all the power he has to stop Dynasmon from getting the Data, but it's no use. Crusadermon grabs a hold of the Data and takes it and then leaves to give it to Lucemon. The others are saved by EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon and they head off towards Ophanimons castle, the last place on the Digital World.
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