Digimon Frontier Episode 44
Dub Name: Now you see it. Now you don't!
Japanese Name: Fight Together! Gotsumon's + Kouji's Promise

Some more land vanishes as the RKs take more Data for Lucemon. The RKs send a huge amount of Data down to Lucemon and continue their havoc. Only 4 areas remain of the Digital World. Meanwhile, the Gotsumon that helped Koji with his Beast Spirit is trying to defend that same spot from some Knightmon. Beatlemon comes in and saves the Gotsumon, who then sees Koji and the others. Everyone Spirit Evolves and fights the Knightmon. Then the RKs come and take the Data of the area. The DD rescue the ones who can't float/fly and the Knightmon go fall into nothingness as the Data leaves the ground. The DD ask why the RKs would do that to their own mon and the RKs say some sacrifices must be made for perfection, or something like that. They leave and the Gotsumon faints to the sight of nothing. Later he awakes to find the DD looking at him. The Gotsumon tells them to get going to save the other 3 parts of the Digital World left. Then the Gotsumon decides to go with them and help. At first they don't want that to be, until Koji thinks of what it would feels like to loose a home and tells them that he can come. The DD evolve into Spirit forms and fly off towards the Forest Terminal. Meanwhile, the RKs along with the Knightmon are trying to get into Seraphimon's old castle. The RKs leave the Knightmon to see if there is a weakpoint in the force field around the castle. The DD see this and Koji says that he'll take the Knightmon on while the others try and protect the Data. Gotsumon says he'll help Koji and the plan goes into action. Koji Unify Evolves into MagnaGarurumon and starts his attack on the Knightmon along with Gotsumon, while the others go to find a way into the castle.

The RKs find a weak point at the top of the barrier. If they keep on attacking it, it will soon give way. Takuya gets ready to Unify Evolve when all of a sudden their D-tectors start to glow and an opening in the barrier forms so they can get in, which closes after they're in. Gotsumon and MagnaGarurumon have their fun kicking Knightmon butt. They Knightmon continue to pull them selves together after many attacks towards them. Crusadermon shows up to give MagnaGarurumon more trouble. Takuya and the others find their way to the Data in the castle. Meanwhile, Dynasmon is slowly making his way through the barrier. His attack almost gets the DD when they see a familiar figure protecting them. It's Sorcermon, who turns into a Digiegg and leaves them. Takuya Unify Evolves into EmperorGreymon and readies for a fight with Dynasmon. Meanwhile, MagnaGarurumon and Crusadermon have a slashing battle. Gotsumon sees this and wishes he can help. He then Digivolves into Meteormon. Crusadermon calls the Knightmon to help her. Meteormon gets rid of the Knightmon while MagnaGarurumon attacks Crusadermon. Back at the castle. EmperorGreymon and Dynasmon go at it. EmperorGreymon tells Dynasmon that he missed his last attack, but then realizes that he was aiming for the Data. Dynasmon snatches the Data and the area forms Data streams. Crusadermon attacks Meteormon and causes him to return to wounded Gotsumon. The RKs give EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon a choice to either save their friends or continue to fight. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon take their friends and the RKs leave. Later Koji has to say goodbye to Gotsumon, who says he'll just be in the way in his condition. Koji says he was never in the way. They say their final good-byes and the DD leave on a Trailmon off intothe distance, also leaving Gotsumon with hope.
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