Digimon Frontier Episode 43
Dub Name: Bad to the Bone
Japanese Name: Home Destruction! Messenger of Hell SkullSatamon

The DD think about the RKs taking of Data throughout the Digital World. They start to think they can't stop them when Bokomon gives them a pep talk about their spirits. All of a sudden they see Poyomon flying away crying. Bokomon asked them what's wrong and they tell them that the Village of Flames, where Bokomon and Neemon lived, is under attack. A Trailmon comes and picks the kids up and heads towards the Village of Flames. Meanwhile, many Digimon flee the area while a Digimon by the name of Skullsatamon chases them wondering where the data for the forest is. He grabs a Palmon who attacks him and he attacks her and her group and turns them all into Digieggs. He then grabs a Gazimon and asks him. A Biyomon tells him not to tell and Skullsatamon threatens the Gazimon, who ends up telling him and still gets turned into a Digiegg. Meanwhile the DD finally get to the Village of Flames, which is still standing fine. They notice that the forest is also still ok, until they see the Data for it taken away thanks to Skullsatamon. A Biyomon and some other Digimon warn the DD to flee and run before they're next. Some Pagumon start to round up anger towards the DD. The other Digimon agree about how much the DD don't try hard enough, when JP and the others give them a speech about how much they won't give up. The Skullsatamon calls another Skullsatamon, who he calls his brother, and the two bone heads start they're attack on the village.

The DD give their spirits to Takuya and Koji once more for them to Unify Evolve. MagnaGarurumon and EmperorGreymon start their attack on the two Skullsatamon. All the Digimon in the village cheer them on. It seems like they're winning until another Skullsatamon brother comes. They start another assault on EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. One Skullsatamon grabs a Biyomon and she tells him where the Data is to the village, hoping not to be turned into a Digiegg, which still happens. All the Digimon in the village finally decide to stand up and fight. The Skullsatamon finds the Data, but is stopped from scanning it thanks to the Digimon of the village. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon beat up the 3 Skullsatamon good enough for them to scan their Data. All is fine, until Crusadermon comes and takes the Data to the village and then sends it off to Lucemon, and then leaves. The Digimon all sigh as they loose their home. Later the Digimon all say they'll find another home for the time being. They tell the DD that aslong as the Ten Legendary Warriors live on, hope will live on with them.
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