Digimon Frontier Episode 42
Dub Name: Glean Eggs and Scram
Japanese Name: Save Digiegg! Miracle of Disappearing Life

The DD are off on a Trailmon to another destination. They notice all the missing land and wonder how they can beat the RKs. Bokomon tells them that Village of Beginnings, kind of like the Primary Village in S-1, is just ahead. He tells them that that's where all Digimon are born. Zoe askes if a Scanned Digimons Digiegg can go there to be born and start over. Bokomon says that it's likely. They finally make it and see the beauty of the village. There's a big tree that's has light shining on eggs on bushes. JP goes to touch on and Swanmon comes and stops him. The DD tell her that he didn't mean it and Swanmon greets them all. She explains how the village works and what taking care of the babies are like. The DDs D-tectors start to act funny and glow. Bokomon tells them that it must be the other legendary warriors Digieggs. Nothing to be worried about. Swanmon goes to take care of the babies and Zoe askes if she needs help. Swanmon agrees and the DD help her with all of the babies. There are a lot of babies and the DD wonder why. Swanmon tell them it's because the Trailmon stopped coming to take them to homes. Finally when all of the babies are fed and are sleeping the DD go on a tea brake with Swanmon. They sit and chat and start to remember home and their families. They start to talk about how cool it is to turn into a Digimon. Koji tells them that they have two birthdays now, 1 when they were born and 1 when they became Digimon. Zoe stands up and says that they should go and convince the Trailmon to come and get the babies. The others agree and leave Swanmon for the Trailmon.

The RKs show up later to the village while the DD are gone. The DD find all of the Trailmon, who are scared of all the danger and don't want to get hurt. The DD tell them about the babies and Swanmon, but the Trailmon still refuse to leave. Meanwhile the RK's threaten Swanmon and tell her they are here to take the data. Swanmon defends as long as she can but is beaten. The DD show up a bit later and see Swanmon beaten up. They see the RK's and prepare for what is to come. The RKs are prepared to destroy the village, but the DD won't allow that. Takuya and Koji Unify spirit evolve and again go head to head with the RKs. The RKs tell them that they are not here for a fight, but for the Data. But EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon get in the way. The RKs still have the upper hand. The other DD see that EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon aren't fighting cause of all the eggs around them. Zoe goes to see the Trailmon again to get them to save the eggs. Meanwhile EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon gettinh their butts whooped so bad that they evolve back to normal. Dynasmon goes to do his big attack again that blew them all to the moon, while Zoe is racing back to the Village with the Trailmon. Dynasmon's attack is stopped by all of the baby Digimons bubble blow attacks. The Trailmon arrive to take the babies.

The RKs are mad now and something happens as the DD race to help Takuya and Koji. 4 digieggs fly to the aid. Then Mercurymon, Ranamon, Arbormon, and Grumblemon appear to help fight the RKs. Takuya and the others think that the power of the 10 Legendary Warriors will be able to stop the RKs so they all spirit evolve and fire their best attacks, one by one, at the RKs. It causes a big colorful explosion and the RKs are forced to retreat. Dynasmon won't give up and forces the fractle code up and takes it. He then throws it down to Lucemon and the RKs vanish. Nothing is left but a few pieces of land and some floating shreds of somthing. All of the Digieggs are safe and sound. Swanmon is too. The DD say farewell to the other 4 legendary warriors, who give out a smile before their fractle codes return to Takuya and Kojis D-tectors. The Trailmon take off for the new homes of the babies. The DD wave bye and promise never to give up to save the Digital World.
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