Digimon Frontier Episode 41
Dub Name: Jerks and the Beanstalk
Japanese Name: Stop Scanning! Tree of the Beans of Friendship

The RK's fly off with Katsuharu and his gang trapped in a net. Tommy hangs on to the net while the rest of the DD chase after them on foot. They stop and watch the RK's fly away towards another town/village. Takuya tells the others they need to go and they start to when the Trailmon stop them. They tell the DD that it's not a good idea to do that. Meanwhile Katsuharu, his gang, and Tommy see that they're heading towards a village with a huge beanstalk in it. Takuya askes which one of the Trailmon wants to take them there and all the Trailmon run off. The DD hear one of them sleeping and wake him up. They ask to be taken there but the Trailmon refuses and goes to nap. Bokomon sees that the Trailmon is the Beanstalk village express. Meanwhile, the RK's reach the village and drop the kids. Katsuharu remembers the village a previous adventure and is shocked to what has happened to it. The Dynasmon asks for the key to the village and no body knows what the Dynasmon is talking about. The RK's get mad and lock them up in a prison under the huge beanstalk. JP and the others try to make the Trailmon that can take them to the village happy by doing stuff for him. But it still doesn't work. The Trailmon gets mad and starts to take off. The DD jump on in time for a ride. The Traimon stops causing the DD to fall over. Back at the village. The kids see the Mamemon locked up with them.

An Elder Mamemon sees Katsuharu and tells them that the RKs think that Katsuharu and the others have to key. The Kids ask what the key is and the Elder Mamemon tells them. He also tells them about the roots of the beanstalk having all the data and how the key will cause the data to show. The rest of the DD start to fix a broken track ahead. The Trailmon askes why they need to go to the village and Takuya tells him. The Trailmon tells them to give up cause of all of the data disappearing and all. He tells them that they're friends are probably already been scanned themselves. Takuya keeps on going and gives a little speech to give the others hope. The Trailmon then agrees to help them and they're an their way. The Mamemon and the kids escape just intime for the Elder Mamemon to get snatched up by Crusadermon. He is now in the hands of Dynasmon. Tommy goes to evolve but is stopped by Crusadermon and gets tied up. Then Dynasmon forces a fractle code ring to form around Katsuharu. The RKs still damand for the key. Katsuharu tells them to let Elder go first. Crusadermon askes why they care about such common Digimon who are only good for Data. Katsuharu tells them they they are all the same through feelings and through Emotion, he tells them that he will do anything to stop them from harming Elder or any other Digimon. Crusadermon forces a fractle code ring to form around Katsuharu, who seems scared by this. Crusadermon tells him what it is and what can happen. Just when things look bad the Trailmon arrives and saves them all. A Mamemon frees Tommy. The DD tell Takuya and Koji to do what they need to do. They then Unify evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon.

The RKs go head to head with the two unified DD. The other DD load all the Mamemon onto the Trailmon. Koichi gets snatched by Crusadermon and MagnaGarurumon stops his attacking. EmperorGreymon goes to help but is stopped by Dynasmon. The Mamemon help free Koichi and MagnaGarurumon continues his assault. The RKs make quick work with EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. The Elder Mamemon tells the RKs where the key is. Dynasmon gets it and the RKs steal all the Data for Lucemon. The Trailmon takes off along with EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. They escape with their lives. They all stare at what is left. Katsuharu tells the Elder Mamemon that the Mamemon can go home with them, but the Elder Mamemon tells them that they must stay and start over. Later Katsuharu and the others get ready to leave. Katsuharu turns his back to Teppi and tells Tommy to shove him in the Trailmon. Tommy does and the Trailmon takes off and Katsuharu, Teppei, Teruo, and Chiaki yell bye from the windows while the DD yell bye from the station.
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