Digimon Frontier Episode 40
Dub Name: The Bully Pulpit
Japanese Name: The Chosen Children!? The Boys who Control Angemon

The RK are still collecting Data for Lucemon. The DD get drooped of by the Trailmon, that helped push them back to the Digital World, and are in some kind of steel town. They end up walking inside of a ditch like place and run into trouble. It's a Sagittarimon that wants to rob them of their possessions, but keeps saying obsessions. making himself sound stupid and having the DD correct him every time. Before the DD can act an Angemon and 4 other Children show up ontop of the ditch (3 boys, Katsuharu, Teppei Terou and 1 girl, Chiaki. Tommy recognizes two of the kids as the bullies who pushed him into a Trailmon before he came to the Digital World. The kid that seems to be the leader, Katsuharu, tells Sagittarimon to leave them alone. Sagittarimon refuses and that's when him and Angemon start fighting. Angemon wins and Sagittarimon runs away. The 4 kids come down and great the DD. The bullies notice Tommy and say hi. They tell the DD about how they came to the Digital World. They told them how they stayed behind when Ophanimon (a.k.a. "The chick") told them to leave cause they liked the Digital World. They told of how they met Angemon and so on and so forth.

The DD tell them it's not safe there and they should leave, but the 4 kids refuse. JP asked where are there D-tectors and the 4 kids don't know what D-tectors are. They start making fun of the DD and don't know how they could get around with just, Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon. Takuya goes to tell them about the spirits but Kouji stops him. Katsuharu and Teppei (who were the two bullies) get mad and leave after an argument. Angemon talks to the DD about how Ophanimon told him to protect the 4 kids. The DD tell him to explain to them to go home, Angemon says he tried but nothing works. The DD understand what the kids mean now by staying. Tommy is looking down at the conversation from a window when Teppei walks in. Teppei threatens Tommy to start to cry and tell his friends that he wants to go home so that the DD will all leave. Before any more threats Katsuharu walks in and stops Teppei. He tells him that it's not a good idea cause there are more kids on Tommy's side than them. Meanwhile Chiaki and Teruo explain how they love the Digital World to the rest of the DD, who are still trying to get them to leave. Katsuharu explains how Tommy is hiding behind his friends and how the Digital World is for the strong not weak. Tommy says he's wrong and how he's hiding behind Angemon. He says that Katsuharu's the weak one. Then something like an explosion happens and Sagittarimon and a bunch of Centarumon surround the town. Angemon goes into battle while the DD decide to spirit evolve or not. Then when Teppei finds himself in danger when more Centaumon arrive and Tommy comes to the rescue in the nick of time. He then beast spirit evolves and starts attacking the Centarumon. The other DD decide that it's time to evolve and do so.

The 4 kids are shocked and can't do anything but stare at the others. The DD and Angemon all fight off the army of Centarumon. Angemon sends Sagittarimon flying. The army and Sagittarimon all run away. Later Katsuharu and Tommy make up for everything that has happen between them and Katsuharu says that it's time for him and the others to go home, but before anything else can happen the RK show up. Angemon goes to attack and gets his data taken. The RK's takes off with Katsuharu and the others in a net. Tommy grabs on to the net and holds on for his life. It ends with the RK's flying away while the DD chase after them on ground.
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