Digimon Frontier Episode 39
Dub Name: The Man in the Moon is You
Japanese Name: Is This the Digital World?! Escape from the Moon

Patamon is trying to get Koichi to wake up, which he does. Patamon calls for Bokomon and Neemon to come over. Bokomon tells Koichi that the others are knocked out. Koichi goes to climb out of the huge hole their in and falls, but the bounces off of a rock up out of the hole. He then sees the Digital World. That's when some Starmon come in a big truck and help Koichi and the others. The Starmon tell them that their on the Moon. The Starmon take them to some kind of base. Koichi then starts to ask why he wasn't hurt like the others. The Starmon help the knocked out DD. Then a SuperStarmon walk into the room. He askes Koichi to tell him whats with the deteriorating Digital World. He tells them the story on the Royal Knights. The Starmon are shocked. Meanwhile, Lucemon is still receiving Data from the Royal Knights. Crusadermon asks Lucemon if he'll keep his promise, which is the passage to the Digital World. The Royal Knights want to control it and take the Human Data. Back on the Moon, the knocked out DD finally wake up. They then start to think of a way to get back to the Digital World. Takuya, Koichi, Zoe, and Tommy spirit evolve, while JP and Koji beast spirit evolve.

They all go outside and start firing there attack. After finishing they didn't know what they were firing at. Or what they were doing and got confused. Agunimon said that he thought if they fired their attacks in the opposite direction of the Digital World that they would move the Moon closer. Every one leaves him. Kumamon tries to jump back to the Digital World but has no luck. He then leaps off of a cliff and still falls to the ground. Next he runs with a poll, sticks it in the ground, lifting him off of the ground and tries to leap off of that, but it still doesn't work and he fall to the ground. A group of white Gotsumon are watching him do all of that. Meanwhile, some Burgermon are cooking. There selling food and drinks on the moon. Kumamon gives up and KendoGarurumon goes for it. He uses the wheels on his feet to jet him in the air. He almost makes it but if flung back by some weird electrical stream, draining his energy. He falls back to the moon to keep from returning to normal. Kazemon notices the Burgermon. The DD then tell them about the Burgermon back on the Digital World. The Burgermon tell them that they are there friends that went to the Digital World along time ago, but haven't heard from them in a long time. Meanwhile, Digimon are running in fear from the Royal Knights back on the Digital World. There continuing there Data stealing. The DD are getting mad cause they can't get back home. Then Kazemon asks the Burgermon how there friends got to the Digital World. The Burgermon tell her that they built a rocket. So next thing you know, MetalKabuterimon is figuring out an equation and Agunimon is shoved into his cannon. MetalKabuterimon aims his cannon and fires, sending Agunimon flying. But just as Agunimon reaches higher hights he crashes down to the moon. MetalKabuterimon asks him if he wants to try again, Agunimon refuses and can't believe he did it the first time.

Then Lowemon finds a rocket shoved into the ground. The Burgermon tell them that, that was the testing Rocket that didn't test out so good. So they lend it to the DD. So the Gotsumon and the Bugermon help the DD to get the rocket out of the ground. They then don't know how to launch it and that's when the Starmon come. They start to glue together pieces of tirebelts, you know the kinds that tanks use, which are like bands so they can make a giant slingshot to send that rocket a flyin. They have to wait for the other two moons to a line with the Digital World so that they electical stream will form a path to send them home. Later the DD are back to normal and the slingshot is ready for firing. They all say good bye to the Digimon on the moon and get in the rocket. SuperStarmon fires the slingshot and the rocket goes flying. The rocket starts to go down cause of lack of speed. Takuya beast evolves and helps the rocket stay in it's path. He returns to normal and gets back in the ship. The electrical stream carries them and they have to dodge flying asteroids. They fall out of the stream and get stuck on a Trailmon Track. Then that Mole Trailmon starts to push at them. Zoe asks if he can push them back to the Digital World and he agrees to. The DD watch as more land disappears. The Royal Knights give more Data to Lucemon.
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