Digimon Frontier Episode 38
Dub Name: It Can't be! Lucemon Reappears
Japanese Name: The Endless Battle! The Overture of Lucemon's Revival

The DD are celebrating there victory, when Koji notices that the land that was lost hasn't returned and that the Digital World still looks ruined. Then they see mountains in the far distance disappear. Then wind starts to blast at them. Takuya suggests that they go see what's wrong. They get there and see a flying red object fly past and then see Baronmon. He goes to attack them and they all spirit evolve. They dodge his attacks and Baronmon relizes that their the Legendary Warriors. He tells them to stop and that he wishes not to fight them. He then tells them about the awaking evil, Lucemon. They all return to normal after seeing an image of Lucemon. They don't believe it until Baromon takes them under ground to the Digital World's Tunnel of History. They see the images of there symbols. Baronmon then tells them the story of Lucemon's defeat. He then tells of what happened after Lucemon was defeated. He speaks of how there was peace throughout the Digital World and how Lucemon was patiently waiting for his revival. He tells how one day he would corrupt a Digimon, Cherubimon, and drown him in evil. He talks about how Lucemon used Cherubimon as a victim of evil. He then tells how after they beat Cherubimon, the Data that he had ended up in Lucemon's possession. Baronmon then shows them the present situation. They then see images of two Digimon sucking up Data. Baronmon says that their the new pawns of Lucemon. They all then reach the stairs and Baronmon tells them to leave and return home. But the DD refuse to. They explain how they will beat Lucemon, using the Legendary Spirits. Then Data starts to flow out of the Tunnel of History and they all rush outside.

Takuya and the others rise from rubble. They then see two Digimon. Dynasmon and Crusadermon. They tell them that their the Royal Knights and their working for Lucemon to restore order to the Digital World. Baronmon Royal Knights. He wants to know why they, who used to be defender of right, would do such a thing. Crusadermon explains that there doing it cause the Digital World is disordered and Dynasmon tells them that the only one who can fix it is Lucemon. They then grab the ground and start sucking Data from it. Takuya shouts for them to stop but they don't listen, so him and Koji Fusion evolve while the others Spirit evolve. The Royal Knights stop sucking Data and ready for their attack. Aldamon and Beowolfmon take fight Dynasmon while the others take on Crusadermon. Crusadermon beats them all so she can finish collecting Data. Dynasmon beats Aldamon and Beowolfmon. The others slide evolve into their beast forms, when they see Crusadermon taking more Data. But they are still beaten by her. Then everyon's fractle code appears except for GigaLowemon's. Aldamon and Beowolfmon return to normal and the others do the same. Takuya and Koji then ready for Unity evolution. The Spirits of Wind and Ice go to Takuya, while Thunder and Darkness go to Koji. They then Unify evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon.

EmperorGreymon goes after Dynasmon while MagnaGarurumon goes after Crusadermon. It seems like they have hope but the Royal Knights finish off that feeling. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon fall to the ground. Baronmon calls for power and uses his Meteor Dance attack, but the Royal Knights combine their attacks to create a huge wave, kinda like a wave of water. Baronmon protects the DD from the Royal Knights attack and is gone. Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon get up to see if every ones OK. Tommy, Zoe, and JP all have fractle codes around them. Koichi is the only one with out one around him. Royal Knights want to scan. Koichi tries to wake the others. Then EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon stand in the way. Dynasmon then does a major attack and an explosion occurs blasting the DD to the Blue moon. Lucemon then calls for his Knights to bring him all of the Data.
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