Digimon Frontier Episode 37
Dub Name: Cherubimania
Japanese Name: Decisive Battle! As Long as there is life Get Back the Digital World

The DD look up to were streams of Data are flowing. It leads to where Cherubimon is, he's gathering it into a little ball. MetalKabuterimon, Koriikkakumon, and Zerphrymon return to normal. Then Tommy and Zoe give their spirits to Takuya, while JP and Koichi give theirs to Koji. Takuya and Koji Unify evolve into EmperorGraymon and MagnaGarurumon. They then start to fly in the direction of Cherubimon, while the others stay behind and root for them. Cherubimon gathers all the Data he needs. He picks it up and gives it a kiss. Then EmperorGraymon and MagnaGarurumon show up. Cherubimon then shows them the ball of Data, then absorbs it making him more powerful. The battle begins. MagnaGarurumon attacks but it misses. Then EmperorGreymon. The others see lights from afar and know that the battle has begun. Cherubimon does his lightning attacks and misses. MagnaGarurumon catches Cherubimon's attention while EmperorGreymon readies for his attack. Then he uses his Dragon Fire Crossbow when the right moment comes and it hits Cherubimon dead on. After the smoke clears Cherubimon is still there and still strong. Cherubimon then goes on a full out assault. Data flows from Cherubimon's head to the sky. Then he starts to throw fling rocks at them. Then a castle appears in the sky and falls on EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. Cherubimon goes for a finishing attack and uses his Thousand Spears. Red Spears appeared and flew at them. But in the end they were still alive. Then Cherubimon goes for his Terminal Judgment attack. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon get up and fly towards him. Then some weird fantasy dream like thing comes up. It's bright and birds are chirping in some trees. Takuya is asleep on Zoe's lap when he awakes and Zoe tells him that their in the middle of their date.

Meanwhile Koji's being chased by Tommy, JP, Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon, whiled Koichi watches. Then Takuya goes back to his nap, when the birds fly off and something evil is around. EmperorGreymon awakes stunned that they had been knocked out by Cherubimon's attack. Cherubimon then throws EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon into the side of a cliff. Then MagnaGarurumon mutters something about Cherubimon's forehead. He talk about it being Cherubimon's weakpoint. So him and EmperorGreymon have to get close enough to attack it. MagnaGarurumon suggest that he'll go and distract Cherubimon so EmperorGreymon can go for the sneak attack at the head. Cherubimon is tired of waiting so he forms a big purple ball and throws it at them. They dodge and smoke engulfs the area. They then fly out of the smoke and go with the plan to get Cherubimon. Cherubimon uses his Thousand Spear attack against them and some of them hit MagnaGarurumon, chipping of pieces of his armor at a time. There almost close enough when Cherubimon does his Lightning Blast attack and it hits MagnaGarurumon in the chest, sending him on a painful flight. He tells EmperorGreymon to go for it!!!!!

EmperorGreymon flies past MagnaGarurumon and goes for the kill. He feels the spirits of all of his friends and that gives him the power to go. He stabs Cherubimon in the head with his sword and the Data flows out. Then EmperorGreymon scans Cherubimon's fractle code, finishing that chapter. They see the good Cherubimon and holos of the 2 other angels he smiles and cries before he turns into a Digiegg and floats away. MagnaGarurumon returns to normal and EmperorGreymon does the same. Takuya is seen by the others carrying Koji. They celebrate the victory. But then the Data that Cherubimon had, floats down into the darkness and is absorbed by a mysterious sphere with a Digimon inside, who then calls for his knights to arise.
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