Digimon Frontier Episode 36
Dub Name: Ice Ice Baby
Japanese Name: The Fight Towards Victory! Confrontation at Cherubimon's Castle

Takuya and Koji Unify Evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. They start to fight with Cherubimon. EmperorGreymon takes the others to a safe spot so they don't get hurt. He then returns to join MagnaGarurumon in the battle. The others cheer them on while they fight. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon seem to be winning at this point. Cherubimon goes for another attack but is stopped by the others attacks. Cherubimon vanishes among the smoke and the place starts to go down. EmperorGraymon and MagnaGarurumon go to safe the others from the falling castle. There all blinded by smoke and go crashing to the ground. They all recover. Takuya and Koji are back to normal. They thank the others for lending them their spirits. Then the spirits go back to the owners. Then from afar a crack has formed and Ice starts to seep out. Then red eyes appear from inside the crack. Koichi goes to talk with Koji when all of a sudden Patamon screams that it's coming. Then Ice starts to form around them and a Digimon arises, it's IceDevimon.

Bokumon tells the story of IceDevimon, how in the old days he went on a rampage taking Digimons data and was sentenced to imprisonment. IceDevimon asks if they're Humans and thanks them for freeing him. He then talk about them being able to turn into Digimon and asks them if they have tasty data like the others he's had, which were those of all those trapped Digimon in the floating data. (I think Cherubimon tested the Spirit of Darkness on them and it didn't work so he fed them to IceDevimon) IceDevimon gives Takuya and Koji alittle frozen present, he froze their D-tectors. He tells them that there the powerful ones and he'll save them for last after he gets rid of the others. The others spirit evolve. They all go and attack him. Kumamon attacks third, using his Frozen Tundra attack and gets caught. IceDevimon starts to lick him like a lollipop. Kazemon goes to save him but is caught aswell. Takuya tells him to let them go and he does. IceDevimon then flaps his wings and freezes half of Beetlemon and Kazemon. Kumamon and Loweemon attack him but it's useless, so they slide evolve into their beast spirits. It's still useless. IceDevimon then picks Takuya and Koji up and puts them in somesort of freeze dome. Frozen root looking things come out to get Takuya but Koji knocks him out of the way and get snagged. GigaLowemon hears Koji's cries and helps him by busting them out of the dome. GigaLowemon goes to attack again but is beaten. Koriikkakumon frees the others and they slide evolve into their beast forms. Then Zephrymon and Koriikkakumon merge their attacks together to freeze IceDevimon, who thinks nothing will work on him until MetalKabuterimon fires his cannon at him. IceDevimon starts to crack. GigaLowemon gives the final blow and IceDevimon is nomore. GigaLowemon then slides back into Loweemon and scans IceDevimon's fractle code. IceDevimon turns into a Digiegg and floats away. Lowemon returns to normal and Takuya and Koji's D-tectors unfreeze. A dark blast then blows towards them. It's Cherubimon.
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