Digimon Frontier Episode 35
Dub Name: Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution
Japanese Name: Spirit Merge! Takuya and Kouji's Final Evolution

Cherubimon starts off by destroying Oryxmon, and explaining that he was just a pawn who led them there and that his job was over(but he was still good). Then he tells the DD that he will destroy anyone to get his hands on all of the spirits of the Legendary Warriors, even Ophanimon. Cherubimon talks about Lowemon/Koichi being a pawn in his plans also. He tells them that all those Digimon that were trapped in the floating data were Digimon that he experimented with, with the Spirit of Darkness. Lowemon tries to attack Cherubimon but it doesn't work, cause there all surrounded by light and Lowemon's attacks have no effect. Cherubimon goes after Lowemon but Agunimon and Lobomon return to normal and then Fusion evolve. Aldemon attacks but they all hit Lowemon, then Cherubimon drops him and grabs Aldemon. Beowolfmon attacks and they all hit Aldemon. Patamon mentions that the light from the cage is making the attacks all loopy, Ophanimon agrees with Patamon.

So Aldemon and Beowolfmon take Cherubimon outside to fight. They keep him busy while the others try to find a way to free Ophanimon. While Aldemon and Beowolfmon fight Cherubimon, Bokomon suggest that if they bend the light of the cage then that should free Ophanimon, Kumamon tries it, but no luck. Aldemon and Beowolfmon dodge the Storm of Judgment attack that Cherubimon does. Meanwhile, Beetlemon figures out how to free Ophanimon by punching the mirror that reflect the light. He then tells the others to destroy the mirrors. Beetlemon takes out another mirror then Lowemon, then Kumamon, and then Kazemon tries but fails so she slide evolves into Zephrymon and takes out another mirror. While they do that, Aldemon and Beowolfmon still battle it out with Cherubimon. They get beaten and they return to normal. Their D-tectors float to Cherubimon. Now he has the spirits that the D-tectors claimed. He blows Takuya and Koji near a cliff and Koji grabs Takuya. Cherubimon then flies away to get the other D-tectors. The others are still braking mirrors when Cherubimon comes and attacks Beetlemon, who returns to normal, and takes his D-tector. Lowemon and Kumamon slide evolve to fight Cherubimon while Zephrymon tries to free Ophanimon. Cherubimon beats them and takes their D-tectors and then goes after Zephrymon. Zephrymon is willing to stay and not run. Cherubimon goes to attack but Ophanimon busts out of the cage and knocks Zephrymon out of the way. Cherubimon is shocked by this act. Ophanimon talks to Cherubimon, about his old ways. She then makes light glow around him instead of Darkness. The real Cherubimon shows. But Darkness corrupts him. Ophanimon offers to help him. He floats to her and he glows a bright light again. But then the light goes dark and Ophanimon holds out the stolen D-tectors. She throws them to the kids and they get taken outside.

Cherubimon and Ophanimon do major attacks at each other and they cancel eachother out. Ophanimon becomes a Digiegg, while Cherubimon is blown back and slams into a cliff. With the last of her power, Ophanimon changes Takuya and Koji's D-tectors. She tells them that they must have courage and gather their spirits together. They see her Digiegg float away and try to do what Ophanimon told them to. They all panic until Takuya tells them to bequiet and listen. Each spirit that they have shows up on there D-tectors. Their D-tectors glow. The Earth, Wood, Wind, and Ice spirits go to Takuya, while the Water, Steel, Thunder, and Darkness spirits go to Koji. Cherubimon recovers from the blast earlier. Takuya and Koji then Unify Evolve into EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. *ok dubbers tell me what was wrong with Hyper Spirit evolution and the best song in Digimon History?* They get ready to fight Cherubimon.
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