Digimon Frontier Episode 34
Dub Name: Operation Free Ophanimon
Japanese Name: Battle! Venus Rose Ophanimon's Rescue Plan

The DD, along with Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon, are all heading towards the Rose Morning Star. They finally make it there when Ophanimon sends them a voice message. She congratulates them for making it and tells them that they need to defeat Cherubimon here using the spirits of the Ten Legendary Warriors, and that Cherubimon is expecting them. Then the signal cuts out once data starts to flow to the top of the castle. JP asks Koji to ask Koichi what's going on but Zoe elbows him in the gut. Takuya and Koji then spirit evolve. The others do the same. They all start to head towards the castle. Cherubimon is still collecting Data into a round ball of Data. He appears infront of Ophanimon, whose in some sort of cage made of light, and askes her if shes changed her mind. She says that his heart is evil and she cant join him. Cherubimon tells her to keep in mind that if she joins him the Digital World will be theirs to do with as they please. She asks him how can he be so miss guided and that she wishes to only bring peace and love to the world. Cherubimon sees that shes still against him and tells her to do as she will and that she will regret it later, then he leaves. Meanwhile the DD are getting closer to the entrance. Two Phantomon are waiting for them and vanish as they approach the gate. Beetlemon mentions that the gate reminds him of the Dark Gate into the Dark Terminal. Agunimon askes how do they get in but nobody knows cause theres nothing behind the gate to go into. (So its like they'll enter into a different dimension or something)

Then the Phantomon appear and attack, missing Agunimon and Lobomon by inches. Bokomon tells them about the Phantomon. They start to attack everyone. But the DD fight back. No one is winning until the Phantomon vanished. Bokomon explains that they should be careful cause of the crystals that the Phantomon have, they can trap you in another dimension forever. The Phantomon appear snagging DD after DD. Until there's only one left, Loweemon. The Phantomon start to circle him telling him to join the others, but Loweemon refuses and the Phantomon vanish. Loweemon closes his eyes to try and sense there movements. Then they both appear and go to attack and thats when Loweemon jumps out of the way and they smack into eachother. Loweemons staff appears and he uses his Shadow Lance attack against them, braking there crystals and freeing the others. The Phantomons fractle code appear and Loweemon scans it. The others thank Loweemon and then the doors on the gate open and they all run into the castle. Cherubimon is still collecting Data and talks about the Ten Legendary Warriors growing closer to him and how he can't wait to have there powers so he can rule the Digital World. The DD run up spiral stairs and find there way into a weird Maze like place where every direction is weird, like stairs leading up walls and are upside down. There are pieces of Data, shaped like rectangles, floating around. They start to walk in and hear moaning. Then shadows appear in the rectangle shaped pieces of Data and start to reach out for them, with dark claws.

Then a bell starts to ring and the shadows vanish. It was Oryxmon, he tells them that this is the hall of shadows, and that those were all the poor Digimon that fell to Cherubimons treachery and are locked forever within. He says that he can lead them safely to where Ophanimon is. They feel uneasy until Patamon shows that Oryxmon is good. He then leads them to where Ophanimon is. They see here locked in the cage made of light. The whole room is bright. She then speaks and says they finally made it, the Ten Legendary Warriors have returned. Beetlemon and Kazemon go up to free her but are unable too. She thanks them for trying and tells them to safe there energy for other uses. She then tells them the story behind the whole thing. About the war and Lucemon, and the beating of Lucemon. She then tells them about the 3 Angel Digimon that took over. She explains about Cherubimon thinking that her and Seraphimon were against him and thats when he turned evil and attacked with an army of Beast Digimon, defeated Seraphimon and imprisoned her. She tells them about how she called out to the Real World for help. She tells them that they face the daunting task, beating Cherubimon, whose voice starts to speak to them and tells them that he will collect there spirits now that there all there. He appears and starts to laugh. Then the DD' spirit marks start to glow.
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