Digimon Frontier Episode 33
Dub Name: Ne'er the Twins Shall Meet
Japanese Name: New Warrior of Darkness! Lowemon & Kaiser Leomon

Koichi awakens, Takuya tells Koji that he's the kid that he saw at the train station back home. Koji then tells Koichi to spill it about them being brothers and about his Mom still being alive. Koichi tells Koji every thing, about his grandma telling him about Koji, about him trying to find him, everything. Takuya then askes Koichi how he got to the Digital World without useing a Trailmon. Koichi doesn't know. One minute he was in the Real World and the next he was in Digital World. He said it was like a blur of what happend to him. He knows that he ended up in a dark place and was mad at everything that was happening. That's where Cherubimon found him and gave him the spirit of Darkness. Later, Angler and the others have found Takuya and the others and are now on there way to the Rose Morning Star. Koji and Koichi seem aloof in the train cars. The others want to help them get along. Takuya offers to talk to Koji if Koji needs it. They start to talk about siblings. The others join in and tell Koji about siblings, since Koji doesn't know anything on account that he was raised alone. Koji thanks them. Koichi is wondering why they doen't hate him cause of what he tried to do to them. Patamon shows and talks to Koichi. He gives him a pep talk and Koichi seems fine. Then Patamon senses that Evil is around. That's when Angler puts on the brakes for Cherubimon, which isn't the real Cherubimon but a solid image of him. He is standing in front the tracks. Angler crashes and the cars fall on there sides. The kids poke there heads out of the windows and see Cherubimon, who then kicks Angler and sends him flying out of the scene far far away. JP, Tommy, and Zoe, Beast spirit evolve while Takuya and Koji Fusion evolve.

They all try separate attacks but they fail, then Beetlemon and Koriikakkumon try a team attack, which fails, then Aldemon uses his Solor Wind Destroyer attack against Cherubimon and it fails, then Beowolfmon uses his Frozen Hunter attack, which also fails. Cherubimon then uses his Storm of Judgement attack against them and beats them to the point where they all turn back to normal. Koichi stands up against Cherubimon. Koji tries to stop him but it doesn't work. Cherubimon tells Koichi that the spirit of Darkness chooses it's holder and that the holder must have a Heart of Darkness, he wants Koichi to join him once more. Koichi refuses and Cherubimon goes to attack him. Koji's D-tector releases the spirits of Darkness. A dark D-tector appears infront of Koichi and the two spirits float to it. They change from a corrupted forms to there natural forms, the natural forms of the spirits of Darkness. The D-tector then goes to Koichi, who discovers the spirits true powers and spirit evolves into Loweemon, the rightful Warrior of Darkness. He starts to beat Cherubimon with his Shadow Meteor attack. Cherubimon fights back and that's when Loweemon slide evolves into GigaLoweemon. He beats Cherubimon, who then starts to dissolve. JP mentions that the fractle code hasn't shown and they figure out that it wasn't the real Cherubimon. Koichi wants to fight Cherubimon alone but the others insist on coming, so they all start to walk to the Rose Morning Star.
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