Digimon Frontier Episode 32
Dub Name: My Brother in Spirit
Japanese Name: The Revealed Past! The Secret of Duskmon

Koji is walking through a storm in the Dark Terminal. He finds a ditch and jumps into it. He looks at his D-tector and starts to wonder about Duskmon, he's remembering the battle he had with Velgmon and he starts to wonder who that other kid is in Duskmon. The storm stops and he continues on his way. Meanwhile, Takuya is looking for Koji. Zoe and the others are wondering if they should wait for Takuya or go to the Rose Morning Star, they decide to wait, and Bokomon and Neemon are looking for Patamon. Duskmon is in a dark place remembering the visions he had before, he wonders who he really is. Then Cherubimon shows and tells him that he is Duskmon and he needs to know nothing else but that. Then Duskmon figures it out, that he is Koji's brother, his twin. Cherubimon askes him why that should bother him. Duskmon feels that he can't fight his own brother, but Cherubimon, once again, corrupts Duskmon into fighting Koji, by using his past memories of his Mother. He makes Duskmon think that Koji is bad. Duskmon, being convinced, slides into Velgmon and flies off to get Koji.

Bokomon and Neemon find Patamon and then Takuya runs into them. Patamon starts to lead them to Koji. JP convinces the others that they should do something besides wait. So they go to find Angler so they can search for the others. Velgmon finds Koji, who Fusion evolves into Beowolfmon. He wants to ask Velgmon something but he's not listening. Velgmon keeps trying to attack. He slides back into Duskmon and the two have there fight. Duskmon then tells Koji that he's Koichi, Koji's twin brother. Zoe and the others find Angler and their on their way. Duskmon tells Beowolfmon the story about how they were separated. They continue to fight, Beowolfmon is beaten and changes back to Koji. Duskmon slides into Velgmon to finish him. Takuya saves Koji and Patamon stalls Velgmon while Takuya convinces Koji to fight Velgmon. He does and they both Fusion evolve and beat Velgmon. BeoWolfmon scans both the Human Spirit and the Beast Spirit of Darkness and Koichi falls to the ground. Beowolfmon changes back into Koji and falls also. They walk over to Koichi who is still in pain. Takuya relises that Koichi is the one that he saw on the train when he went back home.
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