Digimon Frontier Episode 31
Dub Name: Working on the Train Gang
Japanese Name: The Graveyard of Trailmon in the Dark

The others find Koji after Velgmon flies away. Patamon flies to Koji. Later he tells him that he came from Seraphimon's egg and Koji thanks him for the new power he gave him. He then tells them that he must go off alone to find Velgmon. He then walks off. Takuya said he was going to find Koji and bring him back. He tells the others to stay put and leaves. JP descides that him and the others should go with Ophanimons plans. Bokomon tells him that he has no chance at what would happen at the Rose Morning Star. JP then tells them that they should go on a scouting mission to look for any Digimon that might know anything about the Rose Morning Star. Bokomon tries to talk them out of it, but Tommy and Zoe decide to go along with JP, they run off and tell Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon to stay put. They find some Trailmon tracks and start to follow them. They see something ahead and start in that direction. What they found was a graveyard for the Trailmon. But they didnt know it was what it was. They walked around in it. They hear a wheel turn and get scared. Well, JP doesnt, he walks up to the wheel. He taps it. Then hears a voice and the thing that the wheel was on was moving. Now there all scared. Tommy tries to run, but Zoe grabs him by his suspenders. They found out that it was an over turned Trailmon. One in very bad shape. The Trailmon tells them that this is where all Trailmon go when there life is about to end. JP goes to ask him a question about the Rose Morning Star, but Zoe stops him and tells him that this isn't a good time.

He tells her that there are no other digimon around. So he askes him the question. The Trailmon says he knows something but can't quite remember. He then asked for a favor. He wanted to be lifted up right and not turned over anymore. JP spirit evolves into Beetlemon and turns him over. They ask him agian and he says he still can't remember. So he asked them for another favor. He wants to be cleaned up and tells them that there is a nearby lake and brushes in side of him. So Zoe and Tommy spirit evolve and they go to the lake. Beetlemon creates a hole that drains the water in. Kazemon makes wind so the water will go inward. Kumamon blows ice to freeze it. They made a bowl. Beetlemon then lifts it up and gets water in it and then pores it on the Trailmon while Kazemon and Kumamon scrub him down. Afterwards they evolve back and expect the answer but he says that he doesn't remember and his mind isn't what it used to be. They don't buy it and start to leave. Then the Trailmon starts to get teary eyed and tells them that they were so kind and he had never been treated like that before. Anyways he makes them ball like babies. They stay with him for awhile. Then when it was time for them to go he wants to tell them about the Rose Morning Star, but before he could start he started to break down and die. They start to cry cause there going to lose him. But they stop after his parts fall apart. They stopped cause he was reborn good as new. This made them mad and they beast spirit evolve and tell him to give them the answer. He told them that he didn't know that he would be reborn. They still don't buy it and he tries to leave but Korikkakumon stops him. Later he's riding on the track with JP, Tommy, and Zoe on him and he tells them that he made shipments to the star. The other evil warriors were riding him at that time. He told them about Cherubimon. The epi ends when you see them riding tword the Rose Morning Star, which is still a big distance away.
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