Digimon Frontier Episode 30
Dub Name: O Brother Who Art Thou?
Japanese Name: Fly High! The Dark Legendary Warrior Velgmon.

Beowolfmon and Duskmon are at it again after being thrown out Sakkakumon earlier. Visions of that person that Beowolfmon saw are still being thought of inside of his mind. He's chasing Duskmon around. Duskmon is wondering why Koji's name brings pain to him inside. Meanwhile, Patamon is leading the others to Koji. It's like he senses him. Cherubimon then traps them with huge dark spikes that formed a was around them. They evolve to they and get out but it's no use. Patamon begins to dig a hole to get out under it. They eventually get out and are back to looking for Koji. Beowolfmon and Duskmon have a good fight, but Cherubimon is helping. He tells Beowolfmon that he has no chance against his own creation. Duskmon wonders why he says that. Cherubimon tells Duskmon to remember when he came to the Digital World. Duskmon sees himself, Koichi, wandering around in the darkness of the Digital World. He sees visions of his real dad, but he disappears, then he sees his Grandma, but she disappears, then he sees Koji, and he disappears too. Then Cherubimon shows and corrupts him onto the dark side, then giving him the spirit of Darkness, Duskmon.

(Back to reality) Cherubimon then gives Duskmon the beast spirit of Darkness. Duskmon slides into the beast spirit, Velgmon. He starts to attack Beowolfmon. Beowolfmon gets knocked down and gets back up to realies that he's in the middle of a circle that Velgmon made flying in a circle while his wing drew the circle in the dirt. It starts to become a dome. Beowolfmon races to get out before it closes and makes it just before it closed. Meanwhile the others are following Patamon to Koji and see the explosion, from Velgmon's attack and start to run there. Beowolfmon evolves back into Koji, who is beaten and battered. Velgmon starts to fly towards him to do an attack when all of a sudden Kojis D-tector falls out of his pocket and a light shines out of it into Velgmons eyes. It was Ophanimon. She was telling him to remember. Velgmon starts to see visions. He sees his real form, Koichi, he's with his grandma and her last words to him was about Koji. She told him that they were brothers. He sees himself following Koji around in the train station. He sees that he missed Koji when Koji and Takuya were in the elevator. He sees himself running down the stairs then tripping and falling down the stairs. The last word he said before he blacked out, from falling, was Koji's name. The light from Ophanimon goes back into Koji's D-tector. Velgmon flies away confused and angered. Koji can't figure every thing out. He wonders why that person he saw inside of Duskmon looks like him. Then he remembers when Ophanimon tells him that everything will become clear, when Koji first came to the Digital World. I think he figures some of it out.
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