Digimon Frontier Episode 29
Dub Name: Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon
Japanese Name: Escape! The Sefirotmon that can be Changed.

While the DD are going gaga over Patamon, something is going on with Sakkakumon. He's glowing. The DD find out what's going on. They then here Mercurymon's voice. It was Sakkakumon. He then uses Beetlemon's Thunder Fist attack. Lightning is shooting out of one of the eye balls. Then it was Kazemon's Hurricane Wind attack. He then tells them that the whole thing was part of his plan. He had put them all in to him to study there attacks. So now he was doing there attack. JP, Zoe, and Tommy spirit evolve while Takuya Fusion evolves. They can't beat him cause he's using all there attacks against them not to mention absorbing the attacks given to him and returning them. Beetlemon, Kazemon, and Kumamon all slide into there beast spirits and still get beat, they slide back into there human spirits. They all plan to run. They jump over Sakkakumon who surrounded them (His balls with the eyeballs on them can move freely). He starts to chase them. They run into a cave while he follows along, with Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon very behind. They all run into a big opened space, but it's a dead end.

The only light in there was the glowing of Sakkakumon. He turns it off and it's dark. Beetlemon, Kazemon, and Kumamon start to get scared. Aldamon tells them to calm down. Sakkakumon starts to toy with there minds. Kumamon/Tommy then remembers a time when he had to go to the bathroom and the hall was to dark and he was scared. Kazemon/Zoe remembers a time when she went to school at night to get something and it was dark and she thought someone was there, and she was scared. Beetlemon/JP remembers a time when he was at home and it was storming and lightning out side and the power went out and he thought he saw something in the trees, and he was scared. They then go crazy and start to attack each other. Aldamon tells them to stop. He tells them to grab hands. He tells them that there senses are more aware when the're Digimon. Sakkakumon then starts to attack, but this time there not scared and they dodge them. They then start to mix there attack together to beat him cause he has no record of there mixed attack. Aldamon then notices something when Sakkakumon does an attack. He notices that the middle ball is never shown, so he concluded that that was the place where Sakkakumon has his own data. After careful planning Aldamon is able to hit it with an attack. Sakkakumon becomes vulnerable and Aldemon scans his fractal code. They leave the cave to go look for Koji.
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