Digimon Frontier Episode 28
Dub Name: Darkness Before the Dawn
Japanese Name: Takuya's Fusion Evolution! The Ardhamon Work Explosion

Agunimon is the only one left inside of Sakkakumon. He jumps through another eyeball portal and relises that that was a bad move, cause he was falling towards broken mirrors. He was in the world of steal and mirrors. He hits the ground and gets up. Mercurymon is watching him. He then appears and starts to taunt him. Agunimon starts to attack but Mercurymon uses his Dark Reflection attack against him. Mercurymon then lures Agunimon into another eyeball portal. He comes out the other side and sees that he is in somesort of a Church.

He sees that Mercurymon has Seraphimon tied up in chains. He's hanging down all tied up. Agunimon tries to talk to him but then remembers that Bokomon has Seraphimon's egg. Mercurymon then tells him that it's Seraphimon's data. He then fuses with him to become ShadowSeraphimon. He starts to lay the ultimate smackdown on Agunimon. Agunimon slides into BurningGreymon and still gets beaten. He evolves back into Takuya after getting hit with ShadowSeraphimon's Strike Of the Seven Dark Stars. Hes beaten and battered, even his goggles have broken. Shadow Seraphimon presents a coffin, telling Takuya to get ready for his demise. He picks him up by the face. Meanwhile the others are watchig helplessly outside of Sakkakumon. They evolve into there human forms and try to get in but it's no use. Then when all seems lost, Seraphimon's egg starts to glow again and flies up to where Takuya and DarkSeraphimon are. It then shines a beam of light to Takuya. Takuya's then surrounded by a white light. He sees both of his spirits. His Beast spirit and his Human spirit. DarkSeraphimon then drops Takuya, after a red light shines out from him, and Takuya Fusion evolves into Aldamon.

He then beats DarkSeraphimon. DarkSeraphimon then becomes vulnerable and Aldamon scans his fractal code. The code then flies out of Sakkakumon and back into Seraphimon's egg, which is shoking Bokomon at the same time. Mercurymon then appears and runs scared back into the steal and mirror world thinking he has a chance to beat Aldamon in his own world. YA Right!!! Aldamon shows up and kicks Mercurymons steel butt. He then scans Mercurymon's fractal code and that was that. An eyeball portal appears and Aldamon flies out of it and is out of Sakkakumon. He flies down to the others and tells them what he had done. He evolves back and then Seraphimon's egg hatches. Patamon is born out of it.
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