Digimon Frontier Episode 27
Dub Name: Stuck in Sakkakumon with You
Japanese Name: Miracle of the Double Spirit! Beowulfmon's Birth!

They show Sakkakumon, with some of his orb things still glowing. Koji is in a dark land. Duskmon is outside. JP and the others outside spirit evolve and try to get in but fail. They fall to the ground and return to normal. Then Duskmon appears and flies up to the orb that Koji is in. He then gets in somehow. They see him and they try to think of a way to warn Koji and Takuya. Zoe then tries something with her D-tector. She starts pushing buttons. She then get through to Takuya's D-tector making it like a walky talky. Zoe tells him about Duskmon. She said that there trying to contact Koji as she speaks. Takuya then goes off to find Koji. He jumps into an eyeball portal and is transported to a cold land with lots of snow. Meanwhile Koji is wakking in the dark land. Duskmon shows up and grabs Koji by his collar. Duskmon asks what is it with Koji. He asks why does he make him feel weird. He then starts going through his memories, and darkness surrounds them. He sees him in his room. He sees that he flips a picture over and its his Mom. His Dad then walks in and they have a talk about Koji's step Mom, Koji tells Duskmon to leave his memories alone but Duskmon makes the darkness thicker and continues to look into Koji's memories.

Koji goes to a flower shop, he's ordering his flowers for his step Mom and is waiting for them when he gets the call from Ophanimon. After he answers to her question she tells him to go to the station and switch trains at another. The lady at the counter tells him that his flowers are ready. He tells her that he will get them later and leaves for the station. He then sees Takuya get on the train ontime. Then he sees Takuya jump on the elevator. Then Duskmon throws Koji to the ground and talks about destroying him. Koji spirit evolves and they have there battle. Meanwhile Takuya's walking around in the cold when all of a sudden an attack called Frozen Fury almost hits him. It was a lion shaped head that was like cold. Then Takuya saw the attacker. It was IceLeomon *Panjymon in cards*. Takuya spirit evolved and they have there battle. Lobomon is failing to beat Duskmon, so he slides into KendoGarurumon. They have a short battle then they use big attacks against eachother, meanwhile Seraphimon's egg is wiggling around and Bokomon is trying to calm it down. Agunimon beats IceLeomon and scans his fractle code. Then two eyeball portals appear and Agunimon sees the out side. He goes for it but then remembers what Zoe told him earlier. So he goes for the other one.

Duskmon beats KendoGarurumon, who then returns back into Koji. Koji is thinking about his family back home and the moments that happened before he left. Just when Duskmon is about to give the final blow, Koji yells 'I'm sorry!' Then Seraphimon's egg flies away from Bokomon and up to the orb thingy that Koji is in. He gives off a beam of light that goes to Koji. Koji then sees both his Human spirit and his Beast spirit. He then Fusion evolves into Beowolfmon and fights Duskmon. Light surround Beowolfmon and Darkness surrounds Duskmon. Koji's face appears in Beowolfmon and another human face appears in Duskmon. There is an explosion and they are flung out of Sakkakumon. Agunimon arrives a second to late.
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