Digimon Frontier Episode 26
Dub Name: Zoe's Unbeelievable Adventure
Japanese Name: Ranamon's Jealousy! The Digimon Female Fight

We see Sakkakumon, Ranamon, who is in Sakkakumon in the same world as Zoe, is relaxing by a lake. She's looking in a mirror and decides to look in the lake to see her reflection. Mercurymon's shield appears in the lake. Ranamon is looking into that and asks who is the most beautiful and strongest in all the land. *A Snow White rip off in this epi*. Well, Mercurymon says that she is or at least used to be until Kazemon came, and if she's the most beautiful then Zerphrymon must be the strongest and bravest. This made Ranamon mad. She stomps off. Zoe is walking in the woods calling for the others, she remembers a time when she was on a camping trip with other class mates. They were all mean to her except for one. Three Honeybeemon are watching her from afar. There part of Ranamon's fanclub and thinks Zoe is the bad. They try to trap her in a cage that they built but she walks the other way and they go to get her when the cage falls on them. Zoe saw this and wants to help them out. She spirit evolves and brakes the cage. They thank her and she flies away. They then start talking about how she is bad. There next plan is a sticky net that they have in the trees hoping that she will fly into it. She startles them and they get stuck in it instead. She sees this and uses her Hurricane Winds attack to rip the net, setting them free. They thank her and she flies away. They then scheme another plan. They start to chop a tree down when she was coming there way. When its don they give a final whack. The tree falls, but in the wrong direction. Kazemon sees that there about to get hurt and she chops the tree inhalf.

Later there all eating lunch by the lake. They keep giving Zoe honey foods, such as honey juice, honey ice, and honey bread. Ranamon sees this through Mercurymon's shield and gets real mad. Meanwhile Takuya is walking through another world. He's glad that he has no one to fight, but he spoke to soon. Parrotmon starts to attack him. Takuya spirit evolves, beats Parrotmon, and scans his fractle code. An eyeball portal appears and Takuya hesitates to go through. JP is walking in the forest/jungle of another world. He starts to think about eating a cheeseburger. He then sees cherries on a tree. He goes to get the and is attacked by the tree. The tree was Cherrymon. JP spirit evolves beats Cherrymon, and scans his fractle code. An eyeball portal appears and JP goes through it. JP is out of Sakkakumon. He joins Tommy and the others outside. Koji is walking inside of Sakkakumon. He sees an eyeball portal and thinks about jumping through it and does. Zoe is napping by a tree. One of the Honeybeemon are picking flowers in a field. Ranamon shows up and gives the Honeybeemon an apple for Zoe. Once she bites into it, she will have the worst nightmare. Ranamon said that if that Honeybeemon doesn't do it he will be kicked out of the fan club. She leaves him and he goes and gives the apple to Zoe, hesitantly. Zoe bites into it and her eyes go dim and start to darken.

She then starts to remember that time in camp. The girl she befriended wanted her to join her group for dinner. When the girls group found out they said they would leave if she came. So the girl told Zoe that she should join her own group and that there using all of there stuff. Zoe called her a liar and the girl ran off. Ranamon shows and is making things worse. But Zoe decides to become a better person. She then spirit evolves and fights with Ranamon, Ranamon tells her that the Honeybeemon are on her side (they join Kazemon later), She isn't winning. She then slides into Zephyrmon. Ranamon slides into Calamarimon. They fight and in the end Zoe wins. She takes Calamarimon spirit. Then slides into Kazemon and scans Ranamon's fractle code. An eyeball portal appears and Zoe flies down with the Honeybeemon to the others outside of Sakkakumon.
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