Digimon Frontier Episode 25
Dub Name: The Dark Heart of Friendship
Japanese Name: Tomoki's Lonely fight Asuramon's trap

Tommy is watching T.V. with his parents. His brother is talking on the phone and Tommy is being noisy. He asks Tommy to keep it down and they get in a small argument. His bro starts to talk about Tommy always getting everything little Tommy asks for. He then leaves for up stairs. Tommy then wakes up. He looks around to see where he is. He starts to call out to every one. He's in like a fire world, with volcanoes and stuff. A volcano erupts and lava is shooting out.Tommy remembers a time in a park. The lava shooting out turns into a fountain, in his vision. He's with his family. He wants to rest. His big bro complains that they just rested. Tommy then wants some orange juice and ice cream. His parents go out to get those things. Tommy's big bro sits down next to him and starts to tell Tommy that he needs to learn that the world doesn't work the way Tommy thinks it does. Tommy can't just keep getting what he wants. Tommy then just tells his bro that he's just jealous cause he's he favorite. Then Tommy snaps out of it. He tells himself that he doesn't need anybody, that before he came to the Digital World he used to be scared but now that he has his spirits he's not as scared as he used to be. He says that if anything happens he will just spirit evolve.

We then see Takuya walking in a different world. Then Zoe, who is in a nice looking forest/country world. Then Koji who is in a different forest world. Then JP who is in a forest/jungle world. Meanwhile outside, Bokomon realizes that the huge Digimon that sucked the others in was Sakkakumon, beast spirit of Mercurymon. Tommy then starts to complain that it's hot. He then runs into a big Digimon named Asuramon. He starts to chase Tommy, while shooting fireballs at him. Tommy then trips when a fireball is flung in front of him. Then it stops. He turns around and sees another Digimon in a cloak/cape with hood and robe. He thinks that that Digimon scared the other one away. They befriend each other and are on there to some place. Meanwhile, Koji is hearing a voice. The voice is taunting him like BlackBeetlemon did with JP. It was Karatemon, he wants Koji's spirit. Koji spirit evolves and they have a fight. Lobomon is having a hard time cause Karatemon is alittle better than him. Meanwhile, Tommy gets thirsty. The big Digimon goes out to get water. He returns with it and Tommy drinks. Tommy starts to talk about his brother. The Digimon says something like, a person like that shouldn't deserve to live, or something like that. Tommy looks at him and the Digimon says he's just kidding and the continue there walk.

Karatemon continues to taunt Lobomon. Lobomon then slides into KendoGarurumon and beats Karatemon. He slides back into Lobomon and scans Karatemon's fractle code. An eyeball portal appears and Koji jumps through it. Tommy starts to complain that the higher they go the hotter it gets. The big Digimon tells him that he needs Tommy to go with him. He said that he got Tommy what he wanted now he wants Tommy to do something for him. Tommy starts to remember what his brother said. He then realizes that his brother was trying to tell him that if someone does something for you it doesn't mean that your friends. Tommy finally understood what his brother meant. Which was that people would get to Tommy that way. The Digimon gets mad and takes his cape off. It was Asuramon. Tommy spirit evolves. He has a hard time. After making Asuramon fall into lava, he thinks its over. Asuramon the returns. Kumamon then slides into Koriikkakumon. He beats Asuramon and scans his fractle code. He then returns to normal. An eyeball portal appears. Tommy goes through it and is out of Sakkakumon.
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