Digimon Frontier Episode 24
Dub Name: Alone But Never Alone
Japanese Name: VS Volcamon! Junpei's Fierce Clash with his Past

We see the evil lair. Ranamon is still complaining about her humiliation the last time. Mercurymon is scheming something. He talks about how the DD finally understand what nature can do. He then leaves. The DD continue there journey to the Rose Morning Star. JP is leading everyone. He starts to sing a song. The others are making mean comments about him. Then the ground starts to crack where JP was about to step. Bokomon and Neemon are ahead and turn around to see a black wind carry the DD up into a giant Digimon. After they recover from what happened they try to find out where they are. JP walks away from the others. He sees a big eyeball at the dead end. A hand then comes out of the wall and pushes JP into the eyeball. He passes through it like a portal. He's in a strange place. He turns around to see who pushed him, but no ones there. Then Volcamon comes out of rocks and starts to play with JP's mind. Telling him he has no friends and things like that. Meanwhile the others finally realize that JP is missing. JP remembers what the others said about him earlier when they were walking. He starts to doubt there friendship, he gets tired of the taunting and spirit evolves. He beats Volcamon and scans his fractle code. Then when he thinks its over a voice starts to taunt him. Telling him that he has no friends.

Beetlemon/JP then remembers a time way before he came to the Digital World. He was in class doing a magic trick. The other kids in there were impressed. Then it started to rain and there attention was drawn to that. JP then tells them that he'll give them some monster cards if one of them will let him walk under there umbrella, but the ignore him. He's then putting his shoes up and some kids pass him. One of them has an umbrella and is sharing it with the other. JP asked if he could go with them but they ignored him. Then another kid goes and JP says that he'll give him some chocolate if he]ll let him walk under his umbrella. The kid walks right past without saying anything, but bye. JP then starts to walk in the rain alone. Back to reality, Beetlemon gets tired of it and starts to punch where ever the shadow of himself appears, cause that's whats taunting him, then a ring rises from the ground and he's on it. His shadow then appears and rises also into a ShadowBeetlemon. Meanwhile, the others get attacked by those hands. They spirit evolve and stop them.

They then realize that JP could have been attacked by those hands and pushed into the portal. A bunch of Takuya, Koji, Tommy, and Zoe appear around the ring. There yelling at Beetlemon and making fun of him. Beetlemon gets beat bad by ShadowBeetlemon. He returns to normal battered. The others then arrive through the portal and yell to him. He then sees them and knows that they are there for him. He then beast spirit evolves. The ShadowBeetlemon then slides into ShadowMetalKabuterimon. MetalKabuterimon uses his Electron Cannon at a close range and beats his dark form. The others then run to JP who is just getting up. They then decide never to doubt there friendship. Just when everything is fine. The hands come out and push them all into eyeball portals, separating them all from each other
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