Digimon Frontier Episode 23
Dub Name: Sockit Takuya
Japanese Name: Feel Digimon Power! Takuya's Forceful game-plan attempt

Agunimon is back where it all happened. The spot where Duskmon lost it. He starts to run while calling everyone's names. Koji is walking around wondering why Duskmon didn't finish him off and where the others went too. Well, it seems that JP, Zoe, and Tommy have been captured by Mercurymon and Ranamon. There arms are chained to a wall and there D-tectors are being looked at by three Datamon, there trying to get the spirits. JP tries to get his D-tector by saying 'Execute' but it doesn't work for the Datamon are inside a force field. Koji finds them and is hiding behind a huge rock cause he knows he doesn't stand a chance fighting. While running looking for everyone, Agunimon starts to remember when he became a Digimon. He starts to remember how he was full of himself and that was it. Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon are in the woods when they run into Sepikmon. He wants them to be his friends and if they refuse he will hurt them, or something like that. Agunimon finds them and they become friends with Sepikmon. Knowing that he has friends he throws his boomerang in the air and it starts to lead Agunimon to the other. So he follows the boomerang with Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon on him.

Ranamon is torturing Zoe and Tommy, by tickling them. She hopes that JP will tell her how to get the spirits. He never does and that's when Ranamon gets mad. The arms that are tickling Zoe and Tommy disappear. She then does her Dark Vapor attack on JP. A black fog surrounds him and he starts to burn. Koji hears him crying and spirit evolves into Lobomon. Lobomon fight with Ranamon and Mercurymon for a while. Ranamon slides into Calamarimon. Agunimon arrives and starts to think things through. He starts to listen to nature. He knows that a storm is coming and hears wind and snow and all that. Bokomon thinks he lost it. Then sees the weather change.It was right then and there that Takuya understood what being a Digimon was all about. Lobomon is beaten badly. Agunimon shows and starts fighting with Ranamon and Mercurymon.

Lobomon frees the others and gets there D-tectors back then gives them to the others who then spirit evolve. Ranamon slides into Calamarimon again. Agunimon and the others are winning cause there using natures element against Mercurymon and Calamarimon. They run retreat and Agunimon and the others cheer. Ranamon and Mercurymon are at there hideout. Ranamon says she'll never do what Mercurymon says again and that she should have destroyed them when she had the chance. Mercurymon says that he didn't think that they could be so strong and that he has something else planned for them. Zoe, Tommy, and the others thank Takuya, and notice a change in him. They then are back on there road to the Rose Morning Star.
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