Digimon Frontier Episode 22
Dub Name: Home Again Takuya Returns
Japanese Name: To my home! Takuy'a Lonely Return

Takuya is back where it all started. In the Trailmon station way underneath the train station in the city that Takuya lives in. But something is different now. Takuya is not himself. He looks different. He has taken the form of Flamon, his rookie hybrid. He then sees Duskmon walking towards him, and in panic he ran to the elevator. He goes up the elevator to the train station. When the doors open a bunch of people see him and start to freak out. Flames then burst out of him and he escapes overhead. He makes it to the tree on his street right across from his home. He then sees a dark shadow move from the corner of his eye. He goes to the window of his house only to see himself sitting at the table. He had returned on the same day he left. It was him, waiting for his little brothers birthday to start. Then the message on the cell phone comes and Takuya goes out the door. Then Flamon Takuya starts to think that if he can stop himself from going then he wouldn't go to the Digital World and he wouldn't hurt his friends. So he goes off to stop himself.

His first attempt was to call out to himself, but Takuya only stopped for a sec then looked at the time on his phone and started running again. His second attempt was when Takuya almost got hit by a truck getting a kids Soccer ball. He knocked himself out of the way and told him not to go then vanished. Takuya just stood there then asked the driver what time it was. It was almost 5:45pm. So Takuya ran off. Meanwhile the Flamon Takuya was in a tree thinking on how to stop himself since the last attempts failed. Then Duskmon appears again and Flamon Takuya runs away scared. He goes to the train station. He sees himself get on to the train that will get him to the other station. He jumps on top of the train and looks down through the window. He sees himself, then he sees Koji, and then he's someone else looking at Koji also. He looked just like Koji. He was wearing a blue baseball cap. They get to the train station and Flamon Takuya looses himself in the crowd, then sees himself jump inside of the elevator. That other kid with the blue cap misses them and sees that it's headed down, so he runs for the stairs. Flamon Takuya misses them too and sees the kid running for the stairs. He opens the doors and jumps on the cable. He rides it down to the elevator. Meanwhile, the other kid is racing down the stairs. He looses his balance and falls, He says Koji's name then blackes out. Flamon Takuya opens the top latch and jumps down into the elevator. Koji runs off when the elevator doors open to the Trailmon station.

Flamon Takuya is about to stop himself but then remembers what Koji said back in the Digital World when they were hiding from Duskmon. He then yells at himself to go and get on the Trailmon leaving with the other DD inside. He does and Duskmon appears again but this time Flamon Takuya isn't scared and attacks and bursts through the image. He's then Agunimon and the Dark Trailmon is back to take him back to the Digital World. Takuya has matured a lot and is prepared to go. He gets in and the Dark Trailmon leaves.
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