Digimon Frontier Episode 21
Dub Name: Darkest Before Duskmon
Japanese Name: Annihilation of the Five Warriors?! Fearful Dark Power

After the failed attempts to attack Duskmon, the DD escaped to hide for awhile to think of a plan of strategy. Takuya thinks of a plan and with the exception of Koji they all agree with it. He and Takuya leave the rest of the gang to talk. Koji starts asking Takuya why he even came to the Digital World. He tells Takuya that he doesn't care for his own safety but he wants him to promise not to let the others get harmed. During there little dispute Duskmon appears and starts to attack the others. Koji and Takuya hear them and they know that it's Duskmon. All of the DD beast evolve except for Takuya who evolves into Agunimon. He then goes to attack and the others have to put the plan into action now. He grabs Duskmon from behind while the others get into place. He gives them the signal and they all attack at once. Agunimon jumps out of the way while the others attacks hit Duskmon. The attacks make a colourful explosion but then are absorbed by Duskmon. He turns and tells Agunimon that he's the first to go. He raises his sword and then swings. In complete surprise Agunimon opens his eyes to discover that KentoGarurumon has jumped in the way of the attack. He then evolves back into Koji and falls to the ground. Agunimon grabs him and yells his name. Then Duskmon starts to act weird and starts to yell Koji's name also. Darkness then engulfs them all and Takuya ends up at a Trailmon station. There is a Dark Trailmon to take him home. Takuya gets in and the Trailmon leaves.
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