Digimon Frontier Episode 20
Dub Name: From Dawn to Duskmon
Japanese Name: The Mysterious Fighter in the Dark, Duskmon!

Morning has just arrived in the Digital World. We see the evil spirits lair. Arbormon is lifting waits. Mercurymon shows up and they talk about the digi brats. After Arbormon leaves for his jog, Mercurymon appears on top of the lair looking at the Digital World. He then looks at Seraphimon's data, talking about how the world will kneel before him. Duskmon hears Mercurymon laughing. Later, Mercurymon, Ranamon, and Arbormon are waiting for Cherubimon to show up to collect the data that they have collected. He appears and they kneel down to him. They tell him that Duskmon is not present and that Grumblemon has fallen in battle. Cherubimon tells them that it was the humans. Mercurymon is thinking that Cherubimon knows. They give Cherubimon the data, all except for Seraphimon's. Cherubimon tells them that he's disappointed cause they did not give it to him. He then says that it will be a gift, that will be given to him whenever he asks. He then leaves and Arbormon goes to get the DD. The DD are on a Trailmon heading for the Rose Morning Star when all of a sudden the Trailmon stops and dumps them all off. Then leaves. Bokomon tells them that they are at the Dark Gate heading into the Dark Terminal, or something like that. Takuya gets them to go with him into the Dark Terminal.

Meanwhile back at the evil lair, Mercurymon is in a cave looking place and he punches the wall. He wonders about Cherubimon knowing about Seraphimon's data. Then Duskmon shows up, but you can't see him cause of the darkness, and the two have alittle talk about battling and telling each other how they never battle. Then Duskmon leaves. We then see him on top of the lair where Mercurymon stood at the start. He starts to talk about how he should battle the humans and how they are beginning to be a nuisance and how they should be restrained. Back at the Dark Terminal the DD are walking around. They see some sort of light. They think it's a town. But it's just glowing moss. They take some to light there way. They see a cave and wonder if anybody is in it. Then when one of them yells it, something is repeating what they say in a tree behind them. Zoe uses a tongue twister and they repeat it. She tells the others that they are repeating them and if they use tongue twisters they may confuse them. So they do that and fail. Koji then throws his glowing moss at them and three bat looking things fly out and go into the cave. Bokomon says that there Pipismon, really cute looking Digimon. The Pipismon then fly away but are stopped by Arbormon who uses a kicking attack or something and takes there fractal code turning them into digieggs. He then beast spirit evolves into Petaldramon. The DD then beast spirit evolve. Petaldramon then grows twice his size by eating trees or something and they have a huge battle. Then when BurningGreymon and Zephrymon combine there attacks they make a huge wave of fire that covers Petaldramon. He shrinks and becomes vulnerable. KendoGarurumon then slides into Lobomon and scans his fractal code. Arbormon appears and is out numbered. Then Duskmon shows up. Arbormon thinks that help has arrived but he thinks wrong cause Duskmon slashes Arbormon. Duskmon then takes Arbormons fractal code and Arbormon becomes a digiegg. The DD are shocked and are waiting for the battle to come.
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