Digimon Frontier Episode 19
Dub Name: You Want Fries with That
Japanese Name: Save Burgermon! Tomoki's Pure Heart

The DD find there way to a Burgermons house in the Burgermon village, earlier the Burgermons husband had been taken by Petaldramon. Everytime the 3 moons align, Petaldramon thinks of Hamburgers and wants some. The Burgermon he napped was the best there was. The DD decide to try and make a better burger to get the Burgermon back. Everyone is trying to decide what kind to make. Tommy then starts to get in the way and gets some of Zoe's salad dressing on his onions. So he decides to put it on his burgers. When the taste test comes, Bokomon and Neemon are trying everyones burgers. They get disgusted with Takuya and Koji's burgers. Along with everyone elses. Tommy's doesn't get tested yet so they decide to take them out for a snack. Takuya and Koji don't go and stay back to compete each other over who can make a better burger.

Meanwhile the others are waiting for some drinks from the Mrs, when a bunch of Chameleonmon come and take the others away because of Tommy's good burger. The Mrs faints when she walks out and every one is gone, including her children. JP, Tommy, and Zoe decide to not fight and go continue to walk with the Chameleonmon so the can get the Burgermon Chef back. They meet him and relise that the children were kidnapped while trying to rescue them. So the DD and the Burgermon Chef cook up a plan. They make the perfect burger and the DD Beast evolve and beat all af the Chameleonmon with the help of the Children. Petaladramon starts to fight when the Burgermon Chef gives him the very big perfect burger. Petaldramon then goes to sleep and they escape while the his lair crumbles to the ground. They make it back to the Burgermon Village. Takuya and Koji are still competing while Bokomon and Neemon are sick and full. Back at his lair Petaldramon awakes and looks at the separating moons then goes off again.
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