Digimon Frontier Episode 17
Dub Name: Bizarre Bazaar
Japanese Name: Blizzarmon! Blow the Snow, call the Glaciar

After a long trip the DD find where the Toucanmon have gone to. It's the Autumn fair. Which is in the middle of no where, surrounded by ice/snow. It's in a creater indent in the ground and is like warmed by a huge heater or something. The DD split up and ask around for the Toucanmon, there are many characters from previous seasons, such as Gallantmon. Koji and Takuya see JP and Zoe stuffing there faces in a contest. Tommy finds a pawn shop/trading shop. There he meets Datamon, who is playing a game, kinday like space invaders, only with digimon. He loses and Tommy askes to play. He does and wins a prize. Datamon takes it and Tommy then sees the D-Tectors in a safe. Datamon tells him that he got them from the Toucanmon. Datamon starts to take the D-Tectors apart. Tommy starts to wine and cry. Datamon tells him that if he can find something worth trading within an hour, then he would give the D-Tectors back. Tommy then goes in search for the Toucanmon, he wants the thing they traded for. He spots one of them and goes to get the others but can't find them. So he goes off to get the two Toucanmon, Neemon sees him leaving. Tommy chases them and they know he sees them. They leave the fair and the Toucanon fall through thin ice and are trying to swim. They had traded the D-Tectors for an old time video camera. It falls to the ground and turns on when they fall in the water.

Tommy, at first, wants to leave them but feels different. He helps them out and the video camera records it all. The Toucanmon run off with the camera calling Tommy a sucker and Tommy walks back to the fair sad. Takuya and Koji find Tommy. Meanwhile, Datamon had taken Tommy's D-Tector apart and is uploading what Tommy won on the game. After putting all of them back together, Arbormon shows up with the two Toucanmon, tied up. He wants the D-Tectors and has the camera. Datamon checks the camera and sees the recording of Tommy. He tells Arbormon that he can't give them to him. Tommy, Takuya, Koji, Bokomon, and Neemon are headed back when they hear an explosion. They run to the source. It was Datamon's shop. Arbormon had slide evolved into Petaldramon. Datamon is no match. Takuya and Koji try to stop him. Tommy goes to Datamon. Datamon tells Tommy what he saw the recording and gives the D-Tectors back. He also told Tommy that he added something to his. It was his Beast Spirit. Tommy then beast evolves into Koriikakkumon. He beats Petaldramon, and sends him flying into the horizon. Then the gang is back together and they get a message from Ophanimon. She tells them to head to the Rose Morning Star. They look around and see a Rose in the sky, far, far away. It's dark there too. They wonder how they will get there. Zoe tells them that for winning the eating contest she won Trailmon tickets.
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