Digimon Frontier Episode 13
Dub Name: Better an Egg than an Eggshell
Japanese Name: Awake Seraphimon! The secrets of the 10 warriors

The DD find there way to a castle in the Forest Kingdom with some help from Ophanimon. When the doors open to the castle a digimon who looks like Wizardmon appeared telling them to leave. It was Sorcermon. Sorcermon was the caretaker of the castle. He finds out that the DD are on the same side, so he lets them in. He tells them about Seraphimon's tomb. Once the DD walk into the room with the tomb and see him incased in a crystal looking tomb on the ceiling, their D-Tectors start to shine a light from the screens. Meanwhile Grumblemon meets the other bad guys. Ranamon, Arbormon, Mercurymon, (Duskmon wasn't present again) The four evil digimon go to find the DD. Back at the castle, Takuya tells the others to point the light towards the tomb. Once they did that it broke and Seraphimon was freed. He told them about the constant war between Beast digimon and Human digimon that happened long ago. He also told them about Lucemon and how he stopped the war only to be corrupted by his own power.

He tells them about the 10 Legendary Warriors that defeated him then disappeared. He told them about how he, Ophanimon and Cherubimon were put in charge and how Cherubimon turned on himself and Ophanimon. Once he was done he thanked them and told them to leave the Digital World so he could fight alone. Then Grumblemon and the others showed up and started to attack, and Grumblemon wants his Beast spirit back. Everyone evolved except for Zoe, and fought. It started to look good until Seraphimon used his Strike of the Seven stars attack. Mercurymon let the attack hit his mirror shield. He yelled out Dark Reflection, and the attack came back out only it was black instead of golden. It hit Seraphimon and he lost his fractal code to Mercurymon. The others evolve back and are cornered. Zoe grabs Seraphimon's egg and runs back to the others. Sorcermon opens a secret passage and the DD escape on a Trailmon in a tunnel. Sorcermon stays behind to buy some time. The epi ends with the Trailmon leaving.
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