Digimon Frontier Episode 12
Dub Name: Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles
Japanese Name: Roar, Vritramon! Defeat Gigasmon

Takuya's Beast Spirit has taken over him, and he's beating Beetlemon into the ground. Koji beast evolves into KendoGarurmon. The two start to fight and part of the forest is on fire because of it. Tommy wishes he had his Spirit back so he could stop the fire. KendoGarurumon and Beetlemon are beaten by BurningGreymon. Tommy then bravely walks up to BurningGreymon and starts to talk him. BurningGreymon grabs Tommy and Tommy starts to talk to him about when he was Kumamon and was out of control. He told him to remember. Then a tear from Tommy's eyes hit BurningGreymon and he gained control. He starts to beat himself up for what he did to the others. Later, he apologizes and everything is OK. They see some roots that lead down to four X's and one O. They decide to play a game and get on different root and start to race down to the markings. Tommy and Takuya make it to the O while the others are on the X's

The others on the X's then sink into the ground and Gigasmon appears. Takuya's scared to Beast evolve, Tommy then gets taken by Gigasmon. Eventually Takuya beast evolves and fights Gigasmon, and gets Tommy back. He has to lure Gigasmon away from the forest so he doesn't set it on fire. So he slides into Agunimon and lures Gigasmon into a field with no trees. Gigasmon reminds Agunimon about him being the Earth Spirit and tries an attack and misses. Agunimon then reminds him that there are no trees to catch on fire and slides into BurningGreymon. He then attacks with his Wild Fire Tsunami, and Gigasmon then blacks out and becomes vulnerable. The others then show up as BurningGreymon takes Gigasmon spirit. He then gets Tommy's spirit and goes to get Zoe's but Grumblemon awakens and escapes. Zoe's sad. Grumblemon is at a secret lair talking to himself when all of a sudden he hears a voice and a figure appears. It was Ranamon, Warrior of Water. Mercurymon then appears, Warrior of Steel. Then Arbormon appears, Warrior of Wood. Duskmon, Warrior of Darkness is not present, he too busy gazing at the moons.

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