Digimon Frontier Episode 10
Dub Name: Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down
Japanese Name: The Beast Spirit can't be controlled? Evolution of Garmmon

The DD wake up and find a note from Koji saying that he left to get something done. He meant to find his beast spirit. Bokomon and Neemon also left with Koji hoping to see this beast spirit. So the DD go out to look for them. Meanwhile Koji's tired of Bokomon and Neemon following him. He then runs into a Gotsumon with a magnifying glass on his own mission. He's looking for a red looking jewel that will fit into a huge stone and bring forth the beast spirit of light, he plans to use it against Gigasmon. They begin to be suspicious of one another asking one another questions on what there doing. They then hear something at the Gotsumon village. It was Gigasmon attacking. Koji evolves into Lobomon and starts to fight Gigasmon. Gigasmon woops his but and the Gotsumon saves him by camouflaging himself to cover Lobomon. Gigasmon leaves and Lobomon thanks the Gotsumon who saw the jewel while saving Lobomon but was unable to get it.

Later he finds it and is off on his way to the stone to get the beast spirit. Meanwhile the DD are still looking when Grumblemon sees them and wants to fight. He slides into Gigasmon and the DD all evolve. The fight but get beaten. Zoe then looses her spirit to Gigasmon by pushing Kumamon out of the way of an attack. Then Koji arrives and lures Gigasmon away. The Gotsumon is at the stone and is about to release the spirit when he sees the fight. Lobomon is slammed into the wall and is now venerable to loose his spirit. Gotsumon saves him by holding Gigasmon with an attack. Koji then releases the spirit and becomes KendoGarurumon and starts to loose control, then beats Gigasmon, then evolves back to normal. Gigasmon falls into the sea and Koji is saved, again by Gotsumon, from falling into the sea also.

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