Digimon Frontier Episode 9
Dub Name: Welcome to My Nightmare
Japanese Name: The Enemy is Chakkumon?! Mysterious TV's Forest

The DD are all reunited and are now headed back to the Forest Kingdom/Terminal. They all decide to stop and make camp. They find meat apple trees after Zoe finds a meat apple next to her. They collect meat apples and build a fire. Tommy keeps hearing a fast whoosh noise in the tree but never sees anything. While waiting for there meat apples to finish getting hot, they talk about Grumblemon having a Beast Spirit. Bokomon tells them about beast spirits. They all eat there almost burned meat apples and the clouds cover up the moons. Then parts of all the trees start to glow like T.V. screens. Bokomon states that they are T.V. trees. They are showing them parts of earth. Like nature and certain buildings and stuff. They recognize some of the places as home. Zoe sees her school and starts to look at the Cherry trees. Tommy is looking at the park where his Mom used to take him. He then sees his Mom standing there. The others look at her and the clouds start to move away and the screen start to dime. Tommy starts crying. The screens then are gone. They all sit wondering about there families. JP starts to do some magic tricks to cheer every one up. While the others are watching, Tommy goes to get a meat apple and Bakumon uses his Nightmare Syndrome on him. It enters Tommy's ear and he drops the meat apple.

Later every one is asleep except for Takuya and JP. They start to talk about brothers and family life back home. Takuya then hears that same whooshing noise and looks towards the sound, seeing nothing. Meanwhile Tommy is having a nightmare. He sees his Mom leaving him and the others are stopping him from getting to her. He then gets up and starts saying that he will never forgive them. The others are wondering what is going on. Tommy then spirit evolves and starts to attack them. They run and decide not to spirit evolve cause it's Tommy. Takuya then sees that whooshing movement and knows that it#s the bad guy. Him and Koji spirit evolve. Agunimon takes care of Bakumon while Lobomon tries to get to Kumamon, snap him out of it, also defending the others. Agunimon defeats Bakumon and gets Kumamon back a little bit in the process. Kumamon returns back to normal. Koji and Takuya have a little friendship now. Bakumon tells them he's sorry and that he will only bring good dreams from now on. The others sleep while Koji just watches Bakumon fill them with good dreams. He then gets a message on his D-Tector. It's from Ophanimon. It's about his beast spirit.
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