Digimon Frontier Episode 8
Dub Name: The Odd One Out
Japanese Name: Save Everyone! Evolve Tsunomon

After there log hits shore, JP, Zoe, Bokomon, and Neemon start to walk to find out where they are. They are walking in a sunflower field filled with sunflowers. A Tsunomon hops out of nowhere and startles them. Then a Togemon comes to take Tsunomon back to the digimon school. Togemon invites them to come. They meet all of the student digimon, in there in-training forms. Tsunomon didn't want to go back but had no choice. Throughout the day JP, and Zoe see that Tsunomon stays to himself, and that whenever asked to join in the fun the other little digimon would leave cause they dislike him. During P.E. the digimon are bouncing around playing soccer. Tsunomon goes to hit the ball but gets knocked out of the way by Kapurimon. Kapurimon starts crying and Tsunomon is sitting there with a bump on his head saying he's the one that got hurt. JP wonders why they don't like him. Zoe tells him that Tsunomon reminds her of herself. She told JP that she doesn't get along with some other girls at school. They think she's snobby cause she used to lived fancy, Italy and all. During snack time, the digimon got marshmallows. JP notices Tsunomon not joining. He then tells the other little digimon that he has five bars of chocolate for anyone that will play with Tsunomon. Zoe calls JP a doofus. The little Digimon so no cause Tsunomon isn't like them.

Tsunomon yells at JP saying now he's the Digimon that no one would play with even if you gave them something and hops out mad. JP and Zoe follow. After a while of running they hear him crying for help. They go to see what happened and find that Tsunomon has fallen into a lake. Zoe jumps on a stump that is sticking out of the water and tries to grab Tsunomon's horn but falls in herself. JP doesn't know what to do and is panicky. He then sees a bright light from the water. Then he sees Zoe lifter to the surface and a different Digimon holding her. It was Tsunomon, he had digivolved into Gabumon. Later, Zoe is hiding behind a rock and letting her clothes dry. Tsunomon tells them the day it happened. The day that made the others little digimon scared of him. They had gotten there ball stuck in a tree and didn't know how to get it. Then Tsunomon told them that he could get it and he digivolved into Gabumon and got it with his horn. He turned to the others but they were frightened.

Zoe tells him that she wasn't scared, while snatching her clothes. They convince him to go back. It then starts to rain and JP starts to get scared of the lightning. Zoe tells him he uses attacks like that all the time. He said it's different when he's a digimon. They notice that the river is rising. Tsunomon tells them that the river overflowed once and a flood washed through the school. Knowing that, JP and Zoe spirit evolve and flew back to the school with Tsunomon. Everyone is on the roof of the school. Beetlemon puts Tsunomon with them and then puts a huge rock in the way of the flood while Kazemon blows the water the other ways. Then Kapurimon slips and Tsunomon is the only one who can help him. Beetlemon talks him into it and he digivolves and saves him. Later after the flood Togemon presents a boat that the Digimon made. JP, Zoe, Bokomon, and Neemon hop in. The others aren't afraid of Tsunomon anymore and Tsunomon isn't afraid to digivolve. They say goodbye and are on there way. They see the others hop off the plain and are reunited.
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