Digimon Frontier Episode 7
Dub Name: Island Of Misfit Boys
Japanese Name: A town floating in the sky! ToyAgumon's Toy Land

After the battle with Gigasmon the DDs get separated. Takuya, Koji, and Tommy fall on a huge floating Island (sonic anyone?), they don't know it's an Island until later. They start to wonder where the others are and where they are. Meanwhile, JP, Zoe, Bokomon, and Neemon are floating on a log up the river, thinking the same thing. Takuya sees a flying robot toy and they decide to follow it. It leads them to more toys. Koji is acting all mature and tells them to stop playing and that they have to go back to the Forest Kingdom/Terminal. Tommy wants to have fun and Koji keeps telling him to grow up. They see a toy train, that little kids ride, and ride it. They see a Monzaemon along the way and Takuya starts to run up to him. Monzaemon charges him. He then throws Takuya to the ground claiming victory, I guess he was digi-wrestling or something. Takuya grabs Tommy and runs with Koji away from Monzaemon, calling him crazy. They hide in a Pirate Ship, which was a fair ride that starts up swinging like a pendulum. It started to go while they were in it. Thatís when Takuya discovered that they were on a floating Island. They get off once it stops, Tommy doesn't feel good. A ShadowToyAgumon sees them and then tells Monzaemon to get them. He refuses and says he wants to have fun. But then something happens and he turns into WaruMonzaemon. He snatches Tommy and when Takuya and Koji try to stop him, he uses an attack known as Heart Attack. It hits them and they start to feel sorry for themselves and feel like everything is hopeless.

By the time they recover WaruMonzaemon is gone with Tommy. Takuya and Koji have a discussion about little kids. Takuya tries to explain to Koji what having a little brother is like. After he tells him Koji feels more motivated to save Tommy. Meanwhile Tommy is crying and then has to go to use the toilet and WaruMonzaemon is at the door looking at him. The robot toy helps Takuya and Koji get to where Tommy is being held. It's a lavender coloured castle. They go to get in but the bridge pulls up dropping them in the water. They are saved by Pandamon. He tells them that the Island is in motion. The Shadow ToyAgumon are driving it. They want revenge against children that stopped playing with them. Pandamon lets them inside. Takuya and Koji spirit evolve and fight the ShadowToyAgumon. They combine to make objects such as giant robots. Agunimon and Lobomon beat them and scan there fractal codes and they change back into ToyAgumon. They go up to Tommy to find him playing games with Monzaemon, he tells them that he changed Monzaemon cause he saw past the outside to the inner child within Monzaemon. The ToyAgumon thank the DD, they fly them out of the town towards the Forest Kingdom. Meanwhile, the log that JP, Zoe, Bokomon, and Neemon were ridding is on shore and they don't know where they are.
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