Digimon Frontier Episode 6
Dub Name: A Molehill Out Of a Mountain
Japanese Name: The Legendary 5 warriors VS the New Warriors

The DD are in a town trying to get something to eat when the owner throws them out cause they don't have any money, which Zoe has but it's not the right kind. They see a sign that says Free food for Heroes. They go in and there are some KaratsukiNumemon. Meanwhile Koji is on the side of a mountain. He hears something from above. He climbs up and there are KaratsukiNumemon in side of a cage. They are the females that have been captured and put up there. Koji tries to free them but someone shows up and throws him out. The KaratsukiNumemon get the DD to there village by attaching a railroad cart to a Trailmon, they tell the DD about Grumblemon looking for the fractal code, and taking there females away because they won't tell him where the code is, cause they don't know. The Trailmon then goes up a mountain. The railroad cart crashes and the DD are hanging on the side of the mountain on the Trailmon track. The KaratsukiNumemon can crawl against the wall. They throw a rope latter down to them. They climb up one by one and make it into a little house on the side of the mountain. Takuya pops his head in the door and sees Koji on the wall.

Since it's a house on the side of the mountain the DD are going to walk on the wall. Koji isn't happy to see them. The others push Takuya in and they all fall back to the wall. Later the KaratsukiNumemon tell them how Koji got there. He fell from the sky onto there pile of hay. They give them the food and Koji tells them where the females are, Takuya lets them know that there all Legendary Warriors. The KaratsukiNumemon then trick them and after they go to sleep they tie the DD to the side of the mountain. They think that the DD are working with Grumblemon, cause Grumblemon is a Legendary Warrior also, of Earth. Grumblemon shows up and doesn't care about them. He starts to attack them. The DD get free and spirit evolve. A battle starts and they manage to free the women. The battle is looking good once Beetlemon punches the wall and rocks fall on Grumblemon, but then the fractal code is shown in the mountain and Grumblemon is back and then Beast spirit evolves into Gigasmon. He beats the DD. They get separated and the Mountain starts to crumble and be absorbed.
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