Digimon Frontier Episode 5
Dub Name: Ladies and Gentlemen The Beetlemon 
Japanese Name: Lightning Power that shakes the ground! Blitzmon

The DD, all except Koji, Bokomon and Neemon find a factory. They go in for a tour. Some Minomon give them a tour. They see Kuwagamon working in the factory. The factory was run by Goburimon. The boss was Snimon. Later they meet some of the Kuwagamon. An elderly Kuwagamon tells them that they are being forced to work. Takuya tells them that they will bust them out. All agree except for JP who is mad cause he doesn't have a spirit. Takuya tells him that he can wait outside of the factory with the Kuwagamon while he and the others stop Snimon, plus a little Kuwagamon makes him change his mind. They all agree on this plan. Some Minomon sense trouble and tell Snimon who is ready for anything. Takuya, Tommy, and Zoe spirit evolve. Kazemon distracts the Goburimon at the gate. The Goburimon are attacking her while JP and the some Kuwagamon escape. They make it out of the area around the factory. Agunimon, Kumamon and some Kuwagamon are fighting the Goburimon looking for Snimon. They make it there and Snimon starts to beat up on Agunimon and Kumamon. JP is thinking about the others, he's still mad. 

Then he sees the little Kuwagamon running to go help. JP stops him. The little Kuwagamon talks him into being brave and going in. So JP runs in. Kazemon can't take the attacks anymore and leaves hoping she bought the others more than enough time. JP finds the others and sees that Agunimon and Kumamon need help. He talks to three Kuwagamon and they fly him up to a Crane machine. JP uses it on Snimon. But Snimon throws an attack at it slicing it. JP falls out and the Kuwagamon helps him. Then a spirit is shown. JP knows that this one has got to be his. The Kuwagamon let him go and he pulls out his D-Tector. The spirit flies to him. Bokomon states that the JP's D-Tector must have not detected the spirit because of the metal that surrounded it. It was to thick. JP spirit evolves into Beetlemon, The Legendary Warrior of Thunder, another one of The Legendary Warriors. Him and Snimon fight and Beetlemon wins. He scans Snimon's fractal code and that was that. They leave the factory and the Kuwagamon thank them, they see some Minomon being blown away in the wind. The episode ends when a Minomon is telling a shadowy figure about the humans, in a cave, he says it's time to take some action.
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