Digimon Frontier Episode 4
Dub Name: Kazemon Kicks It
Japanese Name: My Kick is Powerful! Female Fighter Fairymon

Koji is dropped off, at a Trailmon waiting station, so he sleeps there, by the Trailmon he was riding. It's day now. The DD, Bokomon, and Neemon are walking along a Trailmon track. Eventually they find a fork in the road. Takuya says to go right, but Zoe says to go left. She told him to go left cause there were trees there and the place there headed for is the Forest Kingdom. Takuya ignores her and goes his way, which was nothing with no trees, with Tommy following. JP goes with Zoe. Bokomon and Neemon go with JP and Zoe since they are next to find spirits. They meet Koji at the station, but he just walks off. JP's D-Tector starts to make noises. Zoe finds a way up a tree and is looking at the site, when JP runs to her about his D-Tector. Zoe slips and falls on some Floramon. They were in the Floramon village. They all get invited to eat. Later the Floramon talked about tourist that used to come and visit but don't anymore cause of the land. It was bare with out any grass or pretty flowers. Meanwhile Koji is walking in the forest and over hears the Mushroomon brothers talking about the Floramon and the humans, which must have been JP and Zoe. Zoe tells the Floramon that they should plant some things. The Floramon told them that the Mushroomon always mess things up for them. But that didn't stop Zoe.

Meanwhile Takuya and Tommy start to think that Zoe was right. They step on some bad land and the ground starts to crumble. They make it to safety and Tommy starts to cry. Takuya comforts him. Back at the Floramon's village. They planted some flowers, until the Mushroomon brothers came. They started to ruin everything. Zoe walks right up to one of them and slaps them. She gives off a big speech and JP wasn't helping cause he insulted them, so they started to attack him. A spirit is shown and JP thinks it's his but he was wrong cause it flew right past him. It went to Zoe. She then spirit evolved into Kazemon, The Legendary Warrior of Wind, another Legendary Warrior. She kicks the Mushroomon butts, until they evolve together to make Woodmon. She couldn't beat him, all she managed was a little hole, and is knocked down. She evolves back to normal. That's when Koji arrives and evolves into Lobomon. He beats Woodmon by firing his laser at the little hole, the hole becomes bigger and Woodmon is defeated. He scans Woodmon fractal code and evolves back. He pushes a button on his D-Tector and Woodmon code came out and purified the land, making it look all pretty. Koji goes off alone. The Mushroomon befriend the Floramon, I think, and Takuya and Tommy come to admit to Zoe being right and don't believe her when she tells them about her spirit, so she blows up on them talking about how girls can do what boys can and all (XD). JP's off to the side wondering why he doesn't have a spirit yet.
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