Digimon Frontier Episode 3
Dub Name: Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire
Japanese Name: Bullying Can't be Forgiven! Chakkumon of Ice Evolves

Takuya, Zoe, Bokomon and Neemon are saying goodbye to JP and Tommy. JP is ready to leave but Tommy is a little hesitant on weather to go or stay. Takuya tells him to go and that a little kid like him shouldn't be here in the Digital World. So Tommy jumps down on the track and walks with JP to the Trailmon. Takuya and Zoe start to walk away after the Trailmon leaves. After the steam dwindled they saw that JP and Tommy didn't leave. So they staid with the group. They get a message to go to the Forest Kingdom/Forest Terminal. It was Ophanimon again. So they all start heading off for the Forest Kingdom. On there way they run into a Canyon. But there wasn't any bridge for them to cross. So they climbed down it. They then see symbols that look familiar on the wall. Ten of them. They then recognize two of them. One was the a symbol that Agunimon had on his belt. The other was a symbol that Lobomon had on his shoulder. Bokomon then explains that those symbols belong to the Ten Legendary Warriors. He told them what had happened long ago. He told them about the war between Beast digimon and Human digimon. He told them about Lucemon, an angel type digimon that stopped the war and made peace only to be corrupted by his own power. He told them about the Ten Warriors that stopped him.

Little did they all know, the Candlemon Tribe were watching them. There Chief then presented himself. He was accusing them of trespassing. Bokomon explained that Takuya was one of The Ten Legendary Warriors. The Candlemon then invited them. They brought them to the village. There was a big fire and Candlemon were dancing around it. The Chief told them to get closer to the fire. As they did the Candlemon dancing around it through Sleeping Clover in the fire. The Clover made a scent in the air. The DD started to feel sleepy. Takuya tells them all to jump in the river. They start to run towards it while the Candlemon chase them. They jump in and Takuya saves Tommy cause Tommy can't swim. They figure the Candlemon can't attack cause there in water, they were wrong. They dive under and escape. Takuya tells the others to go while he goes and fights. So he leaves and lures the Candlemon, which were 3 that were chasing him. He spirit evolves but can't beat them. The others climb up to a rock when JP slips on ice. Tommy sees the pain that Agunimon is taking. He jumps in the shallow part of the river and uses his hat to splash water on them. He said he wouldn't be a little kid getting in the way anymore. That's when his spirit bursts out of the ice and floats to him.

He evolves into Kumamon, The Legendary Warrior of Ice, another Legendary Warrior. He freezes two of the Candlemon. The other digivolves into Wizardmon. Him and Agunimon fight, with help from Kumamon. In the end Agunimon wins and scans Wizardmon's fractal code, turning him back into Candlemon. Agunimon and Kumamon evolve back to normal. The Chief Candlemon apologizes and said that they had to test them to make sure they were telling the truth. Takuya pushes a button on his D-Tector and Wizardmon's fractal code comes out and completes the bridge. The epi ends when a Trailmon carrying Koji crosses it.
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