Digimon Frontier Episode 2
Dub Name: Lobomon Warrior of Light
Japanese Name: Wolfmon of Light, The Battle in the Underground Labyrinth

Takuya's sitting back in shock. He can't believe that had happened to him. Turning into a digimon, not to mention one of The Ten Legendary Warriors. He then pushes a button on his D-Tector and the fractal code of Cerberumon comes out and adds to the land connecting the town with the rest of the land, it was like a floating chunk of rock with a town on it that now connected with the rest of the land. They go to explore the new surrounding. JP stops Tommy and tells him that they should leave. They wander around the town looking for an escape. Koji, who is also wandering around, sees them and walks off ignoring them. They run into a Pagumon. JP asks him if he knows away out of here. The Pagumon ignores until JP gives him a piece of chocolate. The Pagumon tells them that they can go on a Trailmon to get to the real world. They leave him to eat. He thinks the chocolate is the greatest thing he ever had and wants more. He tells his friends about it. JP and Tommy make it to the Trailmon station. JP tells the Trailmon that there's two bars of chocolate for him if he can go to the real world. He gives him the chocolate and then tells him that there are two more waiting for him in the real world. The Trailmon takes off but without JP and Tommy.

Meanwhile Koji is following an arrow on his D-Tector to his spirit. It leads him into a tunnel. The Pagumon find JP and Tommy and want more chocolate. JP tells them no. The Pagumon attack them. JP and Tommy run. They hide from them but the Pagumon find them. JP and Tommy fall in a hole. Tommy's D-Tector gets left behind. The Pagumon follow. Takuya and the others walk around looking for JP and Tommy. Zoe finds Tommy's D-Tector on the ground. She then slips in the hole dragging Takuya with her. JP and Tommy get lost in the tunnels of the underground structures. The Pagumon attack them again. JP gives them all his chocolate. The Pagumon finish that off but smells chocolate on JP and Tommy. So they chase them. Koji sees the commotion and fights them. They evolve together to make Raremon. Takuya and Zoe find them. Takuya spirit evolves into Agunimon. He manages to attack for awhile but then evolves back into himself. He pushes Tommy and Koji out of the way of an attack but Koji falls into a big hole. He finds his spirit while he was falling. He evolves into Lobomon, The Legendary Warrior of Light, another Legendary Warrior. He kicks Raremon's butt and scans his fractal code. He evolves back. He asks for Takuya's name then leaves. The epi ends there.
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