Digimon Frontier Episode 1
Dub Name: All Aboard
Japanese Name: Digimon, Legendary Fighter, The Fire Agnimon

Takuya, the new goggle boy who is 11 years old and brave at heart but doesnít think everything through before acting, is running down a street when a kids soccer ball is kicked out into the street, Takuya gets it and a big truck is coming his way. Takuya has a flash back, he is sitting at home waiting for his younger brothers birthday to start. He starts to think if life could be any more exciting. Thatís when a message pops up on his cell phone. It asks him a yes or no question. The message was sent by Ophanimon, an angel type digimon who is imprisoned in a castle in a world known as the Digital World. He answers yes. She tells him to make it to the train station by 5:45pm. He ran out the door and was on his way. The flashback ends and the truck misses him while stopping, Takuya asked the driver what time it was, he told him it was almost 5:45. Takuya starts to run again to the train station, going even faster. He gets there and goes to get a ticket but has no money. He tapped his head on the machine, wishing he had a bigger allowance, when a ticket came out. He took it and made it on the train just in time. The train made it to another train station. The train stopped and every one got off.

Takuya noticed another kid and wondered if he was on the same mission. The boyís name was Koji, an 11 year old who is kind of a lone wolf character who is also very brave and always thinks things through. He was headed for the elevator. Takuya followed him and saw him get into the elevator and made a jump for it making it in just in time. It went all the way down past B1 and on and on. It went down to a underground Trailmon station, the Trailmon there would take them to the Digital World. Koji goes off to get into a Trailmon. Someone yells All aboard! The doors of the Trailmon begin to close. Takuya rushes to a Trailmon and makes it on just as it started to pull away. He meets on that Trailmon three other kids. JP, a 12 year old boy who can complain allot during hard times but will come through for you in the end, who is eating a bar of chocolate. Zoe, an 11 year old girl who just returned to Japan after living in Italy for 2 yrs, she is very kind but is known to be the odd one out of the group, who is sitting across from JP and Tommy, an 8 year old who gets bullied around allot and can get in the way sometimes but he expresses his feeling very openly sometimes being a cry baby, who is crying cause two boys pushed him into that Trailmon. They were all heading for the Digital World. There cell phones change into D-Tectors (the digivice) while on there way. 

When they get there Tommy wants to go home and starts to walk off on the track, which is like a very skinny bridge, Takuya stops him. They then see two digimon running from another who is attacking the town there. The two digimon were Bokomon and Neemon. The one attacking was Cerberumon, he's looking for the spirit. Cerberumon then attacks them. In doing that the spirit of fire is found. He goes after it with Takuya on his tail. Cerberumon canít handle the spirit and leaves it. Takuya walks towards it. His D-Tector, which was dropped when he grabbed Cerberumonís tail, flew to him. He then spirit evolved into Agunimon, The Legendary Warrior of Fire, one of Ten Legendary Warriors. Him and Cerberumon fight and in the end Agunimon wins, scanning Cerberumonís fractal code. He then evolves back to normal. They befriend Bokomon and Neemon. The episode ends when a Trailmon carrying Koji arrives.
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